Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surprise Visitor

So before Christmas my dad showed up in our driveway from SD and surprised us all….we were all very shocked...He wanted to personally deliver the girls Christmas presents. The last time Destiny, the twins, and I seen him was at my Grandpa’s funeral almost three years ago, and then the rest of the family well I cant even remember…Avery was probably a baby..




My dad made the girls all a doll cradle..with there names on it..and I actually still have mine that my dad made me….looks very similar to this..


It was a busy full packed weekend..He showed up on a Saturday morning..and we were having Brielle’s bday party later that day at the outdoor skating rink..and then Saturday night we went to Hollywild to see the Christmas lights..then Sunday the girls had there Christmas program at church..and Sunday night we just relaxed at home. ..all them posts will be following this..


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those cradles, what an amazing job he did on them, they're so beautiful.

Laura said...

The cradles are beautiful! And I can't believe how big your twins have gotten!!!!