Monday, April 22, 2013

Avery’s second Miracle League Game

Last Thursday before we left for Durham,NC Avery had her second Miracle League Game…which of course she had a blast was suppose to be bring your own teacher week but Avery’s teacher’s didn’t end up showing not sure what happened bc they told me they were coming when I handed them the invite..and I asked Avery the day of if her teachers were going to come and play baseball with her and she told me im not really sure if they got lost or forgot about it…which she was a little disappointed as was I bc if I knew they were going to come I would of asked one of her other teachers or therapist so she could play with one of them…

But they had back up just in the back up buddies for the kids who didn’t have any teachers were the Landrum base ball team..This was her buddy..


Avery up to first they said shes a non tee batter..and I was saying to someone beside me..what shes not going to be able to hit that ball with out a tee..and as soon as them words left my mouth…she hit that ball..with out a tee.


What I hit the ball??? see the ball in motion..she surprised herself even too…lol!!



Come on buddy..we gotta runSmile 





So as you can see in the picture ^ there..that when she came home she forgot to touch the home base with her the announcer told her she didn't touch the what does she do.....well she listens to him of course;) and runs over to home and bends down and touches it!!!:)) hahaha!!! LOVE HER!!! DSC_0902

Check out who poses out in the outfieldWinking smile 


Waiting to bat the second time around…


So the second time she came running home she didn’t even bother running across home plate she just came right up to home plate and bent down and touched it with her hands..silly girl


They had pictures last week too..and you get a free team picture and free individual picture..

here is Avery’s team..


The team we played against Thursday Night….Crusaders…


I have to say that it was a pretty awesome night..there were two kiddos that usually walk with walkers and they wanted nothing to do with them while walking the bases. one crawled around the entire bases. and one walked with his arm supports instead of his walker..the kids were was soo awesome..pure joy…these games are so much more then just a couple of kids playing much more.


Laura said...

This is so, so awesome!! Your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

Jenny said...

Loved reading this! And the pictures just make me smile...Love the one with her bending down to touch the base, how cute is that!! lol

Becky said...

Wow...what a neat team. How blessed you are to have so,etching like that for Avery to participate in! I have also been reading and praying for you and your medical challenges. I have not commented as much as I should to let you know...but you are definitely in my prayers.