Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kitchen Redo

I've been working on changing up some of my rooms in my house…One room at a time..and I just got done with my living room (haven't posted them pictures yet ) so then I moved onto my kitchen..here's my kitchen anyways…

Pinterest can be bad and good…you gets lots of ideas but then you want to do them ideas..but luckily Im a DIY girl and find a way to do it myself. and try to find a cheap way to do them tooSmile and if you follow me on pinterest most times you can guess what my next project will be by my pins…LOL!!!!!

Anyways I decided I really wanted a bead board backsplash and asked Jared about it..he immediately told me NO…he tells me His list is already to long and he don’t need another project to do…well never fear honey I will do it myself…you should of seen the look he gave me…HAHAHA!!!!  Turns out Home Depot will make cuts for you so I measured the length between my cupboards and countertops and had them cut my big piece of beadboard into cuts that length then.

So then I call Jared and ask him how should I go about cutting the width bc he took the saw from me..he tells me to use the jigsaw. I may or may not of googled what a jigsaw looked liked. But for the most part it went pretty smooth. Jared left in the morning and by the time he came home I was done installing it. Including caulking it too..Did u know that on a caulk gun they put a thing on there to use to poke the seal. huh who knewWinking smile they also put a cutter on there to cut the top. My husband tells me it looks good from a distance. Ha!

BEFORE picture: (time for the green to go)

before kitchen

During the installation: Wowzer what a mess…lol!!


Check that out…..I am totally still impressed with my self still…LOL


My 1,2,3, containers..Goodwill find…score..added some vinyl to them..


Rearranged some of the appliances


Now unto a some more DIY projects to complete my kitchen…all of these projects cost me nothing bc I had everything already..wooohoo!!!

Number signs…..and a BIG chalkboard..


Reclaimed Pantry sign that I made but think I should of made it a little bigger..


another reclaimed sign


Last up…redo my barstools…no before picture..but they were a dark color and all chipped up..with five kids you can only imagine..they looked pretty bad..horrible actually. I had to reglue them back together first. For color I went with Country Gray chalk paint..if u have never used chalk paint..you need to get some.it is awesome. no sanding. no stripping. no nothing. paint right over it and it sticks. then sand if you want to distress it then clear wax on top to seal it all.


Closer look


Ta-da!!!  After!!!!




Cindy said...

Oh my gosh that's gorgeous!! It's so bright; great job on that back splash!

Jenny said...

Wow, looks great! So much brighter and cheerful :) Good job!

lovemy3 said...

Love it!

Clarissa said...

looks awesome! i so wish i had a nice kitchen... and my own house! ;)

Jessi said...

It looks great! You did a good job.

Laura said...

Looks fabulous!!!!