Thursday, March 28, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day

I know I know…World Down Syndrome Day was 3.21. (a day after Avery’s birthday) and we rocked our socks this year bc the theme for the year was wear “lots of socks” 562962_10151580937217244_1536171897_n

You see it taught my girls a valuable lesson…and some of there friends too..They wore long crazy socks..and three socks for 3 copies of the 21 chromosome..hence why 3.21. is world Down syndrome Day. At first my girls didn’t want to wear the socks bc everyone would look at them bc they were different or think they were crazy and no one else would be wearing them. But it turns out the day before they told there friends too and they came to school with lots of socks too..and there teachers too bc they told there teachers.


How did it teach my girls a valuable lesson??? Well for one day they got to feel what it was like to be different. To have everyone look at you. to judge you. They got it.  I didn’t really get the whole sock theme BUT we did it anyways and my girls got it and they did spread awareness at there school for there sister.  The love they have for her melts my heart…completely. Especially bc one of the reasons I hear parents who are thinking of having an abortion dsy is “how they will be a burden on there other children” Can I just say that none of Avery’s 4 sisters thinks she is a burden…they love her to pieces…

So Happy World Down Syndrome Day! On that day (3/21 for three copies of the 21st chromosome) we're not spreading awareness that Down syndrome exists. We're spreading awareness that Avery and other people with Down syndrome are more alike than they are different. That they are capable, intelligent, able, fun, and caring. That, by including them in society, in our classrooms, and in our workplaces all of our lives are a little bit better, a little brighter. And if we really pay attention, they will teach us just as much as we teach them. Down syndrome ISN'T scary, it's just a little different. Every day I am thankful that we were blessed to be just a little bit different. (taken from another post today)



Jenny said...

Loved this! Good for your girls rockin their socks :)

Laura said...

Happy belated WDSD!