Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 month post op from Avery’s surgery


Avery went back to orthopedic dr that is here to check her hips..and had an x-ray done and they both look AWESOME…PTL!!!!!   I am always so nervous when they check bc I'm afraid he will tell me they are out or something bad. But they did x-rays and both look great and are do you know what that means??? That means that a year later the one side is still in..that means it was a success!!!!  Thanks be to God!! and it has been six months already on the other side and so far so good. But since it has been six months that means its time to take the screws out. So Avery is scheduled for surgery March 29 to get her screws removed. IT should be an easy same day surgery. But it is still a surgery and it still is never easy to see your child go through that and with Avery having sleep apnea things are trickier when she is put to sleep. But I will be sooooo happy to put this all behind us and be done with it. It has been a long year and one I don’t want to repeat.

Avery was/is popping her knees out too but she isn't doing it as much anymore since she isn't in the cast. So we are just going to watch it for now and  I am comfortable with that for now. So no surgery on her knees right now..Wooohooo!!! Hopefully over time she will stop completely and then they will just get stronger and stay in place. The doctor couldn’t pop them out him self while she was just laying on the table all relaxed so that was good too.

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lovemy3 said...

Very good news! I'll say a prayer that all is uneventful for the surgery to remove the screws.