Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Avery’s Surgery

Just wanted to let everyone know that Avery will be having surgery on Friday. She is having her screw removal from her hip that she had surgery on in September. Her ortho dr here in South Carolina will be doing the procedure so we don’t have to go up to Boston. Whew!

It should be an easy procedure. SHOULD being the key word. but anytime she goes under its always more riskier bc of her sleep apnea. But if everything goes ok she will go home the same day just be a little sore for a couple of days. Ive already warned this dr that I WANT the screws..the other dr threw them away from the last one.

Luckily she is over her stomach bug…We have had the nasty stomach bug at our house and it has lasted forever..it stays around for 4 days at a time..so far we are 4 for 5. and Jared and I haven't gotten it yet.whew.

It has been a year since we have started down this journey with her hips and it is coming to an end..I cant wait for this to be all behind us. So far everything that we did seems to be working so we are thankful we went through with it..no looking back.no regrets.


Becky said...

will be praying all goes well...what a road you have been on and so nice that you can see the end...and all has turned out so well..what blessings. will be thinking of you all..

the nasty stomach bug is affecting my distant family for sure...my little nephew is in the hospital right now with it...praying it keeps it distance from us...

Pam said...

So glad to hear the surgeries have been successful for Avery. Praying that all goes well on Friday!

We haven't had the stomach bug yet...hopefully it will stay far away from the Neal house :) Ally and I both had the flu right before Christmas. We were both sick for two weeks :(

Sending Avery hugs for Friday :)

Jenny said...

Will pray that all goes well on Friday :)