Thursday, March 14, 2013

Real Food Challenge

So I put my family on a real food challenge. What is that you may ask???? Well that is eating only real food. No processed food. No white flour. No bad oils. No junk food. No regular processed sugar. To learn more about it you can visit a ton of info there. just to be took me a month just to prepare and to get rid of all the bad food in the house. and I am still learning. But basically it is just taking it back to the good ole days…Look at your bread crumbs of all things..and look at that inged list..does it make you sick to know they have to put corn syrup in them??? I mean why??? they put corn syrup in sausage links too….Heavy corn syrup is in everything and its really ridiculous if u ask me. So that is the main reason why we changed. But the other reason is bc Avery can be more prone to food allergies or food intolerances..and no she hasn’t really had a problem to bad that I have noticed but why not feed her spelt flour instead when it is way easier for her to digest. Spelt bread, spelt pasta, spelt is so much better for your stomach. So we use spelt instead of whole wheat. and dairy intolerances/allergies are another common one but I have been getting our milk raw from a dairy farm. and it is good. really good.

So how is it going???? Well for those of you that are on my FB know by some of my posts..but for those of that arent here are a few of them to entertain youSmile 

Day 2 of real food challenge: Brielle-why does everything have to be so disgusting. We are off to a great start:))

Day 3 of real food challenge: Destiny- I don't care if its junk food i want to eat it anyways bc its soo good and i can still eat healthy food mixed with the junk food too......are you trying to starve me mom???? kids are really making this a challenge.

Day 4 of real food challenge: Destiny- Im not normal. Its not normal to eat healthy. I like to be normal. Why cant i be normal. Im such a mean mom for making her not normal...HAHAHA!!!

Yeap that kind of sums it up…HAHAHA!!!

I made butter for the first time..couldn’t believe how easy it was. Used the cream off of the raw milk and made butter. Call me Betty Crocker I guessSmile You literally just put it in the blender for awhile and it turns into butter then you have to wash the butter if you don’t wash it becomes rancid rather quickly. 

But we still can eat cookies, bars, and all of that but just made from scratch and using healthier ingredients.

It has been a BIG change for us bc the girls used to eat breakfast and lunch at school..but now they eat breakfast before we leave and then they pack there lunches. some mornings are a little bit more chaotic now.

Destiny=when are you going to change?? and go back??

WEll never’s a life change foreverSmile


lovemy3 said...

I'm impressed! We have been trying to cut more preservatives out of our house. Little by little. I make our granola bars now instead of buying them. I make meals and freeze for easier weeknights when the boys have soccer and baseball. I think the boys and my husband could curl up and turn into mean trolls if I take their chips.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, your girls responses were hilarious!! lol...My favorite, "It's not normal to eat healthy" hahaha
My son and I were just talking about how food has changed since I was a kid. How there were no snacks that came in wrappers and hardly anything was EVER warmed up in a microwave!! The real food challenge sounds interesting. Keep us posted on how it goes.