Monday, October 18, 2010

Destiny’s Birthday

This past week was Destiny's birthday. I cant believe she is nine already..why oh why does time fly seems like just yesterday that i was walking myself into labor..i was two weeks overdue with her..But my oldest is nine and she has already spent the first half of her home years in our house..that is too nine more years she could be out of the house :( 
Every year on there birthday they get to  pick the supper meal that they want for there birthday..this is a big deal in our house..we hear it all year long..when i make new meals and they like them the girls are always like oooohh i think I'm going to have this for my birthday…and then the girls have an agreement that they have to pick something that both of them like or if one picks something that the other doesn't like well they are going to do it on there birthday too…:)  So this year Destiny picked steak, pototoes, and corn..and for dessert apple crisp..bc she was going to have her cake this weekend. And guess what after supper there was talk of the next birthday supper…haha!!!  Like I said we really do hear about this all year long… I made Destiny her nine shirt too and she had so much picking out fabric for the nine:)
DSC_6311 DSC_6314
Brielle made her a card..she wouldn't come eat her supper until it was done so she would have it when it was time to open her presents..:)
Anyone else's kid into build a bear???  Why didn't i come up with that idea???  HAHA!!!  Mom your outfit was so stylish…she thought it was really cute..i think her bear dresses nicer then me half of the time…
 DSC_6323   DSC_6333
She got a next generation doll(which Targets brand of the American girl dolls) She really wanted an American girl but yea for obvious reasons we chose the cheaper route and she didnt care she liked this doll just the same:) 
She is a book worm and she really wanted one of these chairs to read in and can you tell she is pretty excited that she got a chair!!! LOL!!!
Alright well on to her tea party..She wanted to have a tea party with her friends this year…it just stinks that only one of her friends could come bc they were sick or already had other plans..but we still had lots of fun!!  Once when she said she wanted to have a tea party I went to about three different thrift stores to find some goods.Because of course whats a tea party with out the real tea cups and plates and tea pot..I had a lot of luck really...(Im still on the look out for a silver tea pot so if you ever come across one let me know":)  but the one that i got was a good substitute) I also found a new fondue pot at one of my thrift stores and thought the girls would really get a kick out of we had hot apple cider for the tea bc that is what Destiny wanted and then I got some chocolate and we melted it in the fondue pot and I had gotten strawberries, bananas, rice crispy bars, and marshmallows to dip in the chocolate.  Don’t laugh to hard at my tissue pom poms it was my first attempt at them…

My little cupcake stands that I made!!  Pretty easy!!!  Here’s the template..A view from above the table..
DSC_6367 DSC_6400
And I also set up a little salon for the girls to dress up first before they come to the tea here’s a few pictures of that..
DSC_6395 DSC_6378
I also painted there nails and put some glitter on them:))  which they loved!! 
DSC_6385 DSC_6387
Oh did Avery have a blast..she was right there with the girls doing everything that they  were doing and Destiny helped her get dressed up too:))  She looks so cute doesn't she??:)))   She wanted tea out a real cup and she wanted to dip into the chocolate too…just like a big girl!!! 
Of course you have to drink tea the right way..with the pinky up..haha!!!
I had gotten some clear plastic frames at the dollar store so they could decorate them and then I sent home a picture of all of them dressed up..
We also made a bracelet or necklace out of some beads whichever they wanted to do..they really liked girls are really big into beading so i knew they would probably enjoy it…and we played hot potato glass slipper… The glass slipper was the hot potato and the last person got a prize..
Destiny said she had a really fun time so  I guess it was a success!!!  Whew!!  In a couple of months I probably will be doing the same for Brielle unless I can talk her into doing something else..:)


Michelle said...

So cute!! you did a great job! It is soo cute that Avery loved it... you can totally tell she did!! Happy Birthday Destiny!

Teresa Matson said...

Wow, you are one creative and fun mom! Twins sure do not slow you down any!

Pam said...

What a wonderful job you did! I just love the decorations. Looks like the girls had a fun time! I love the picture with the girls dressed up:)

Holly said...

I love the cupcake holders!! It all looks so cute:)

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

I think your tissue pom poms look good! They really add a lot to your table setting. It looks like it was a fun party. Good job mom!

Is that cupcake holder cardboard? It looks so dainty that I'm surprised it will support a cupcake.

PS Like the fabric she chose for her t-shirt.