Monday, October 4, 2010

Just some happenings….and some crafts!!!!

Well I have had a very long you ever have one of them days weekends where everything seems to be going wrong???  I have been there this last weekend..Whew…Jared and Brielle (along with his other brothers that live down here) left for a long, very LONG weekend to Michigan for his younger brothers wedding..I was very sad that we couldn't all get to go. I would of loved to see upper Michigan in the fall (but I got to see a few pictures that Jared took..very pretty) but I'm happy that he at least made it to the wedding..The first day that he is gone my van decides to quit on my while I was at the store..I go into panic mode who in the world can I get to come and jump me bc everyone's gone..but I did find someone:)) Then my sink gets all backed up and wont go down and the garbage disposal stops working.. I decided on Saturday that I was going to have a day to myself and get a babysitter for the girls so I could go to Gaffney (the outlet mall) and go get my babies some warmer clothes bc it is starting to finally feel like fall here…I should of just stayed home!!!!!  So off I go to Gaffney with my brother in laws monster truck(that's what destiny calls it) is kind of like one..i had to take it bc my van wasn't running right…I had been shopping awhile and decided to take a few of my bags to the truck and then go back for a little bit more shopping..well apparently someone was watching me..(that alone just creeps me out and makes me feel very violated!!!!!!)Anyways after I get back to the truck a bout half an hour later I see cops at the end of my parking row..I am thinking what in the world is going on..and of course I walk over to the truck and get ready to put my keys in the truck and all of a sudden the light bulb went off..Ding..Ding..Ding..Oh my head you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes someone busted his lock and window and stole my shopping bags out of the truck.. I was so livid!!!!!!!!!!!! I still am whenever I think about it..I have NO tolerance for these kind of people at all!!!  I mean come on why in the world do you need baby clothes!!!!!  URGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only do you take my stuff but leave me with one heck of a mess to clean up after..So anyways my lovely me day turned out to be a huge disaster…and just to get a good laugh out all of you bc really at this point that was all I could do..I pull into my driveway and see my mailbox just laying in my ditch all dinged up..Yes someone hit my mailbox..Apparently they were having a bad day too...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  What else can you do????  Just go home to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day right:))
Here are some pictures from Michigan that Jared took…I cant really tell ya what they are though but I thought they were pretty..They were taken around the Houghton area..I guessing some of these are on the Lake Superior??? 
Is this not a  beautiful scene!!!!
Jared with three of his brothers..
Sad to say that this is the only picture he got of the bride and groom..I'm thinking I'm going to have to check out Brielle’s camera..or go finding someone elses pictures…hehe!!!

Well anyways I have been wanting to post a few of my crafts that I have been up to lately.. Of course lots of girl clips..with five girls what do you expect..right??!!:)
And with all the flower clips for my girls I had to find a way to hang them so I found this funky wire/crown looking thing at Hobby Lobby one day in the clearance section for a dollar..and thought I had the perfect idea for I hot glued three long stripes of ribbon down it to hold all the girls flower clips..sorry you cant actually see the thing its covered by all the!!! I also made this key/wrist strap to clip on my keys..bc I am so tired of having to dig out my keys from the bottom of my purse everytime I go anywhere..I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this..I find my keys all the time very quickly too:))  I got the tutorial here in case anyone would like to make there is super, super easy!!!!
DSC_5932 DSC_5941
I seen this jewelry holder on some other blog..I'm really sorry that i cant remember which one.. I tried to find it but I must not of bookmarked it..I really needed something to hang all of my long necklaces I made this board..If you would like to know how just let me know..its really easy too:) My girls each made one too they had so much fun picking out there fabric for there's was a fun project to do with my older girls!!
before picture….I took this skirt that I found at the thrift store for a dollar and turned it into….
this…What do you all think???  I love it!!! 
DSC_6070 DSC_6083
I made like ten of these leg warmers today..I made them out of long woman's socks that i found on clearance at Target for 1.20-1.40…SWEET deal huh??!!!  Here’s the link on how to make these to here
Yes I know the skirt is really really dirty..but I had to dig it out of the dirty clothes basket to take the picture bc Jared took my camera to Michigan with him so I didn't have it with my when she was wearing these..
and Ive started to make tons of these all different shapes and fabrics..LOVe them!!!!

Hopefully sometime this week Ill have my babies nine month pictures up…Have a good night!!


Michelle said...

Wow... you are sooo talented and when do you find the time to do all these things!!! Major Supermom here!! :) I love, love, love the black and white dress!!!! So adorable! Everything is just so cute and i can't believe you can do all that for so cheap, thats great with all those girls, hey? :)

Still bugs that crap out of me that that little thief got away with your stuff too!!!!! Ugh!! Hope things are going way better now!

aliimberi said...

Love it all!!
Jared did a great job taking pictures!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

that makes me so mad about the people breaking into the "monster truck"! that happened to us when we went into a movie theater (one time in probably 3 years) and it felt so violating - they stole my purse that i had put under the passenger side seat so that i wouldn't have to hold it during the movie. also - i can't believe you got home and your mailbox had been hit. seriously?!
onto other things - all of your craft projects are awesome. you should sell some on etsy :) i love the leg warmers and would love to 'attempt' making them!
have a great weekend!