Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Few Craft Projects

Here are a few random projects that Ive been working on…I have been wanting to make Avery a kitchen for awhile now…so when I found this one at a garage sale for $3 I knew I could redo it!!!:)  She loves it!!! and I think I like the after way better!!  But now I have another project on my table…felt food:))  I'm planning on making some for her for Christmas!! 
DSC_6252 DSC_6309
I knew when I seen this tutorial I had to do these bc I had lots of left over fabric from when I made my babies crib set..so I made them each an outfit..it was my first time shirring and it was pretty frustrating at first but I think I will get the hang of it..but my sewing machine doesn't really shirr very good!!! 
I also once again found this online and knew that I could redo this and make something for my bare wall in my babies room bc once again I had fabric to use from there bedding set so it works good in there room..But I didn't follow the it exactly I had a canvas that was just sitting around so I mod podged the fabric on.. The best part about both of these projects were that they were FREE!!!  I already had everything on hand!!  SWEEETT!!  I love free:) 
And since all of Averys pajamas were stolen from when the truck got broke into I had to get creative and think of a cheaper route..so I made some flannel pjs for her..I traced around some of her 3T ones and just made them a little longer and a little wider but I think I made them a little to wide..Oh well you have to start somewhere right..This was my first attempt at sewing pants…So overall I think they turned out pretty cute!! I was excited when I found the shirts at the dollar store and then I found some of the flannel at hobby lobby on sale..and some I already had..
 DSC_6244DSC_6251  DSC_6245
My flowers that i made out of coffee filters..yes..I had these green vase just sitting on my entrance table but decided it was time to fill it up:)  and of course I found the tutorial on line but I don't remember where I found it at…but I really like them!!! 


Anonymous said...

Love all the jamas!!

Kat said...

Love all of it!!! I'm going to be copying you!!!!

Emily said...

That play kitchen makeover is 200% awesome!