Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Avery update

Avery has been going to school everyday now and I go pick her up at was suppose to be 1045 but they go to lunch then and Avery was getting mad bc she couldn’t go eat..go figure:) I never have a problem getting her to eat!!! So it actually has been going pretty good for the most part..the first part of the week wasn’t looking so good but then she had a good ending to the week.. I think we are getting there but she had some concerns when they go on there field trip that they wouldn’t be able to get her to go where they needed her too and maybe just take off so  I guess I get to go to Strawberry Hill to keep her  in line… {now to find someone to watch the twins for a full day..that is going to be hard!!!}  They have book buddies on Friday where a second grade class comes in and reads to them and it turned out that they were paired with Brielle’s class so Brielle gets to be her book buddy!!  She came home the other day and tried to read me her “A” book…it was so cute..they do book for each letter…The teacher told me that she went to the library and rented some signing times videos so she is learning some signs bc she said Avery is constantly doing signs but she has no idea what she is doing..We went to the back to school bbq last week and while we were walking around playing some of the games a girl in her class came up to her and says..hi Avery and walks over to her and gives her a hug…It made me smile..and I knew that she would be ok in school this year..bc if that little girl stopped to do what she was doing to come say hi to Avery well that means something!!! 
Avery FINALLY got into the GI doctor..we have been waiting for this appointment since last may when we got dud her routine blood work and it came back positive or high number for Celiac disease..So when we were there he said that he wanted to re do her blood work and do more in depth blood work..about five different blood tests and if any of them came back elevated then we would go ahead and do the scope to test her small intestine so I said that was ok…I wasn’t looking forward to getting her blood work done though bc the last time it took at least five people to hold her down and even then it took at least an hour to get a couple tubes of was so miserable..She was crying and moving and blowing her veins..I walked out of there feeling like the worst mother ever..that I would make her go through that..well anyways we got her blood work done in the same building as the doctor and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! It only took two people to get her blood and they had to get more tubes and they didn’t even blow one vein and she didn’t even cry..I couldn’t believe it…I will definitely go back there when we need blood work done!!!!  So after about a week the dr called back to let me know the results and not one of them were elevated all of them looked good…so apparently we got a false positive which is common in the one test that they run I guess..So she doesn’t have Celiacs..and we don’t have to worry about her eating gluten every meal…Praise God!!!  I knew that I could do it if I had to but knowing that we don’t have well I am pretty happy!!!  We did it for a couple of weeks trial run and it was sooo hard!!!  I really commended all them parents out there that have to deal with it every meal and every day!!!   We also talked about getting her constipation under control while we were at the dr bc I know she has a problem with that…he suggested Fruiteze…it is an all natural remedy.. a blend of dried prunes, raisins, dates and prune comes in a big container and u just eat a couple of teaspoons for kids and couple of tablespoons for actually tastes good..but of course Avery has problems with the consistency/texture of some foods and she didn’t like eating this I mix some up with her juice and then she drinks from a straw so she can get all the good stuff at the bottom of the cup..and she does fine taking it like can also spread it on toast or something too bc its like jam consistency. So far it is working really good..I would totally recommend it to anyone that deals with constipation on a regular basis…You can get it online..just google it…We used to use Miralax everyday but that didn’t work with us..u really have to have to correct dose right down to a T or it was the opposite..and sometimes she would need more or less and it was a big headache and mess most of the time!!!! 
Just a quick funny story that Avery did the other day…She comes running into the house completely naked and her hair was wet and she is running for the bathroom..I'm thinking what in the world..then I can hear the hose is one..and it clicked she went yucks in her pants and sprayed her self off with the hose before she came in the house.. I was scared to go outside for the fear of the unknown on my sidewalk…haha!!  But what a good girl for cleaning herself off!!!:) 
Well I hope everyone has a good day!!! 


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

glad the tests for celiac came back negative! so sweet about the girl from school coming up to averi and giving her a hug - that is awesome!!! thank you for the tip about fruiteze... is it in the juice isle? we stopped using miralax for the reasons you stated... will have to be on teh lookout for fruiteze :) have a great weekend!!!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

i accidentally put "averi" and meant to type "avery" sorry!!!