Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last swimming hurrah!!!

Yesterday it got up into the 90’s and it was suppose to be the last hot day so I figured it would be a good day to go swimming one last time for the year before it is to cold. It has been getting cold at night so the water is getting pretty cold. Avery is my little fish I am so impressed with how far she has come over the summer in her swimming.. I only had to jump in the pool once with my clothes on to get her bc she had the wrong swimsuit on and she thought she had on her swimsuit with her floaties on…scary!!!! Anyways here are some pictures from our last swimming hurrah!!! At the beginning of the summer we couldn’t even get her to get her face wet..her she is putting her whole head under…
Avery totally just squirted Brielle in the face with water here and shocked her!!! She tought it was funny!!! lol!!
Destiny thinks it’s a little to cold…
I couldn’t get a picture of all three of them..they wouldn’t cooperate so this will have to do!!!Smile
I love this picture of Avery looking up to her big sissy Destiny..she doesn’t realize how much she looks up to her but Avery loves Destiny and is always wanting to do everything she does!!!!

and a video of Avery jumping in and putting her head under..she also puts plugs her babies nose and puts her head under tooWinking smile!!!   Hope you all had a great summer..We sure did  but we are ready for fall cooler temps cant come soon enough!!!!! 
Avery swimming with her Dolly who had to where a floaty too:))

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