Friday, September 30, 2011

Its been crazy out our house!!!!!

That might be an understatement actually!!!!! School has started and so has the sickness…Back to school back to illness right????!!!!! It all started last Thursday night…..Destiny started running a high fever and ran one for ten would run anywhere from 101-104.  She was sooo tired and wiped out!!!! She stayed in bed pretty much the whole time..I did take her to the dr and she tested neg for strep but the dr said that her lymph nodes were really swollen so he took her blood for mono…that was A LOT of fun…{not really!!!} I had asked about the flu but he thought it wasn’t the flu so he didn’t test for it…anyways the test ended up coming back negative but the nurse said that it can actually take up to a month to get a positive result ..she said that her counts were really high which indicated probably it was being mono. so he said we were just going to treat it like that is what we did..I went home and went crazy with the bleach and lysol!!!Winking smileWe opened up the windows and doors and tried to air it out as much as possible.  I wanted to make sure that no one else got it especially me!!!!!  When I took her in the second time to the dr {bc he wanted to check on her bc she still had fever and still feeling the same way but he just wanted to waste my money pretty sure bc he didn’t tell me anything thing he didn’t tell me before that we just have tot wait it out..and while we were there I had Avery with me and she had a rash on her face so he suggested that I take her to her dr {bc she sees a different dr} bc it looks like strep. So off I went to her dr and low and behold it is strep..Just lovely!!!  Do u know what it feels like to not leave the house for almost two weeks except to go to the dr??? and a quick run to dollar general to get milk??? and cleaning like crazy so no one gets anything else????  I felt like I was going to go CRAZY!!!!!!!!   Just sayin’!!:)   This has been Destiny’s first week back to school but she hasn’t been able to go back all day yet. She gets way to tired..The first day she was only there for a couple of hrs. and then had to come home to bed for the rest of the day and she has just slowly been working her way up..yesterday she went to school until 1130 and then came home and ate lunch and then took a nap until 130 and then went back to school until the end of the day. Hopefully next week she will be able to go all day because she is getting soooo behind in school work..and it is starting to stress her out!!!!

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