Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

Well hello there!!! I know its been a LONG time since I have posted..I have a lot of posts to come though…We have been in SD for awhile..then we went to the beach, and my mom came down to visit too..but today was the first day back to school…so I wanted to get this on here..
Destiny my fifth grader…I cant believe I just typed that bc that doesn’t even seem possible…She is growing up to be quite the fine young lady though..and I am so proud of her..she was excited to go back to school..she was really happy with her homeroom teacher..Mrs. Settle…This year they change classes and it’s a little bit of a change for her…but she is still at the elementary school.which his really nice…
She didn’t want to look at me..she was excited to see some of her friends..and maybe she is getting to cool or something like that…lol!
Brielle my third grader…where does time go??? Bc really I want it back..My kids are growing up way to fast on me…it seems like school just let out last year and the summer was just beginning and now here we are starting school back again….Brielle wasn’t really happy about the teacher she got ..Mrs. Lark…but once when she got to school and met her she seemed really nice so I don’t think we will have a problem with her at all…a few other people have told me too that she is a great teacher..
Not her happy self..but more of the nervous look…
DSC_0438 KINDERGARTENER….WOW!!!  I cant believe that we are this point already..I remember when she was a baby thinking to myself I'm not even going to think about any school problems or what is to come with school…and here we this point already…We had to have another IEP meeting last week..yes my third IEP meeting…but over the summer I decided that I just wanted to put Avery in kindergarten all year instead of doing the half day k4 and half day k5. We also had to have a meeting too see what they came up with over the summer for assistant technology to use for Avery in the classroom. I am happy to report that the meeting went fairly well…She is going to be in kindergarten all day every day. (that’s what they do down here) and they came up with a communication board to help her communicate in the classroom and with her teachers. They are also going ot send Avery, her speech therapist, and I to Columbia to get an evaluation by a trained technologist to assist her for assistant technology..Very pleased with all of that…
Last night I told Avery that she was going to be going to school in the morning..and she started jumping up and down on her bed..she was sooo excited…she has been wanting to go to school for awhile now..she would put her backpack on and say school..and id tell her no…not to day..and she would get all when I told her this morning that she could put her backpack on…she was thrilled!!
Lately this is Avery’s pose for the camera..her hands on her hips and her hips out to one side..
She sat right down and started to write her name..and then I told her to draw a picture..and she looks at me and says..bye…and then goes back to drawing a picture..and so as I start to walk slowly to the door..she peeks over her shoulder to see if I left yet…LOl!! She was ready to do this on her own..she didn’t want me to help her…sniff..sniff…  I was happy to see that there were some of the same kids that were in her k4 class last year..
We also brought an All about me bag the first she can share with the kids at school. some of her help them see that she really is just like she brought a box of macaroni and cheese..(that’s the girls favorite food) a picture of her swimming…a curious george book…(to say she LOVES curious george would be a huge understatement) her doll Ella….and a signing time video..
She also brought two kids books that will help explain it easily to kids that the teacher said she would read the first day..she brought…My name is Ben and I have a secret…and My friend Isabella.

I also wrote a letter to the parents of the other kids in her class and gave it to the principal so she can approve it but before even reading it she said that it might not be able to get handed out…some privacy issues…which to me is crap…I know of so many other parents who have done the same thing..not at my school no but at other schools..and it was always greatly welcomed..but not really at this school. I volunteered my information…so I don’t see how it can have anything to do with privacy issues..we will see..
LOVE how Destiny is holding onto Avery’s hand…that right there is a sister bond like no other!!!
I pray that each of my girls has a very good year…


lovemy3 said...

Absolutely beautiful girls! Hailey starting kindergarten seems 100 years away, but I know it will be here in an instant!

Priscilla said...

Glad to see Avery is doing so well with school! Always nice to see y'all there:)

Becky said...

Oh, such beautiful girls. Looks like an exciting first day of school. I will be praying that Avery's teacher warms up and is not mean. I felt so proud to see the pictures of Avery because I can just imagine how amazing it felt to watch her get excited and be ready for school! I have a feeling it will be amazing year for all your girls. Yes, time goes too fast. I want it back too!

Laura said...

Your girls looks so beautiful and ready for school! I agree with Becky. I hope Avery's teacher warms up and is not mean. Having been a teacher, I agree that her behavior seems odd. Be sure to update us soon on how her first days went!