Friday, August 24, 2012

School Update

Things have been going very well!!!! On Monday she was pretty tired when she came home..and at school too but most kindergartners are the first day of school…When I went to go drop her off on Wednesday the assistant teacher told me…”Avery is very smart. We were playing bingo yesterday and she knew every single picture. I was impressed. She is a very independent little girl.”  That’s my girl!!!  She is shining!  I feel like I truly made the right choice in where I put her. Yesterday the teacher called me and told me that she has enjoyed having Avery in her class and she has never taught anyone with special needs. So she asked If I would send her some links about Down syndrome. How awesome is that!!!  I believe that maybe in the beginning she was just really nervous and didn’t know what to expect and she is seeing too that she can “hang” just like the rest of the kidsSmile  Today was the last day I could drop her off..bc Monday is Independence Day…but Avery knew right where her classroom was..she eats breakfast with her sisters in the morning and then they usually take off before she is done and she sits there and finishes eating by herself and dumps her problem..and I followed right behind her and she knew right where to go..She goes into the classroom and knows to take her folder out where to put it and hangs her backpack up..and goes and sits down in her spot…and starts to work on her morning work. Just like everyone else! The teachers told me today that there are a few girls in her classroom that love helping her and playing with her…They showed me a sheet of paper that they did yesterday and there was a spot where u could put a friend and so the teacher told me that Avery wanted Alexis..and then another girl pipes up and says  I'm her friend too..Smile  They have worked out her resource time so that she isn't missing anything important. She gets two 30 min sessions of resource a day. She is getting OT for 30 min once a week..along with PT too…and Speech therapy twice a 30 min session by herself and one 30 min session with kids her age. I am going to work up a communication sheet today..something where the teacher can just quickly circle what went on in the day…so I can kind of know…bc she comes home and ill ask her but we don’t understand or if we ask her she answers yes…but she likes to answer yes to everything..but is quickly learning that she don’t want to answer yes to everything…For example..last night we had tacos..and I asked her if she wanted salsa on her taco..she said I went to pick up the bottle of salsa and said Avery u wanted this on your taco and she looks at it then looks at me and says “No..ewie..” So then I explained to her that she said yes we have to say no then…They have started to show her and work with her using a communication board but apparently Avery don’t like it much..she pushes it away some of the time..
They read a book with the class about being the same and being different too..and paired up and let them see how they were the same and how they were different from others…and they never really zeroed in on Down syndrome and Avery..which I think is ok… bc the kids are young enough and totally accepting..but if they start to ask questions or want to know more the teacher will read “Hi My name is Ben…and I have a secret” (that’s the book that I gave them to read) so I'm ok with that for now. As far as the letter goes it got vetoed all together. The principal was going to come up with something and she said no parents or anything have even asked anything..So I’m thinking its not necessary but just because the parents aren't asking anything to her doesn’t mean the kids aren't coming home and asking them.  And I just would like the parents to have the right information about Avery and Down syndrome  to tell there kids about..what are your thoughts on the letter for the parents??? Should I just let it go or push for it more????


Becky said...

Oh I loved reading this. I am so excited for Avery. She is a shining star!!!! I personally think you should let the letter go for now. Until there are questions, why bring differences to light? Other people will follow your lead and if you are open to answer questions, which I know you are, but show them by putting Avery out there that the differences are really not that big of a deal a letter I think is not necessary. I have seen parents do it before and how they like it. So, it is up to you and the indivudal situation of course. But look at that teacher....once she met Avery and actually experienced what we as moms see everyday the wall of fear came tumbling down!!!

Laura said...

I was so happy to read this post! I love how Avery is already showing her teaching that Ds is not scary. I feel so proud and I don't even know her:)