Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sarah & I

Oh how I love this girl!! We have been best friends for over 18 years I think when I tried to count…We have been through A LOT…We have been through boyfriends, middle school, high school, weddings, babies, moves, heart aches, heartbreaks, life bumps, family mishaps.You get the point. BUT through it all she has always been there! and for that I am blessed! Blessed beyond words! I love her like a sister I never had. Its really not about how many friends you have its all about how many good ones you have..and I only have a few friends but man are they really good ones!!! and I wouldn’t trade that for anything! The only stinky thing is all my really good friends are all in South Dakota…So I really miss them and I am always anxious to get home and spend some time with them…
We are so alike in so many ways but in many other ways we are very different too..that’s a good thing. it is. In Middle school and high school she was always the more popular one and she had her crowd she hung out with and I had mine too..but no matter what she didn’t forget about me or ever think she was too cool to hang out with me. and for that I am thankful! Our friendship has been proven that no matter how much time passes we can just pick up right where we left off..She was station over in Turkey for a long time..and there would be many, many months that went by where we couldn’t talk but once when we did…you wouldn’t of ever known we went that long with out talking to each other…it seemed like it was just yesterday that we had talked. or many years too for that matter that went by without seeing each other too but once when we seen each other we just picked up where we left off last time. It was nothing…like no time had passed at all!!
I look forward to our stay in Sioux Falls whenever I go back home..for those of you that don’t know..Sioux Falls is about 100 miles away from my home…and its always before my hometown of Watertown so I always stay there first..and just spend some time with her....were we just get to hang out and do ummm nothing sometimes…and we are both ok with that..this last time we had a slumber party..we wanted to feel young again..bc we stayed up way to the wee hours of the morning talking..catching up on life..we laughed..we had heart-to heart was awesome. Boy did I feel it the next day though… I am obviously not 16 anymore. After I was done getting ready I came walking upstairs and she says “ You look really nice..(or maybe it was beautiful)”..see one of the many reasons why I love her bc she is always so positive and always makes me feel good…bc remember we had just spent all night pretty much talking and going on no I'm pretty sure I didn’t look too nice…;)
Is this not the cutest picture of her with her little girl??? Jude definitely looks like you SarahWinking smile
and a picture of our kids..but we are missing Noah..and Jude didn’t want to be in the picture..I love that our kids are friends with each other too..and always have a great time playing with each other..
But you see this week has been really hard on me..bc I know that I can not be there with her this weekend. Saturday is going to be a day that is sooo very important to her. A day that is going to be absolutely beautiful.This I know. This weekend she is marrying her prince charming..I want to see her on her most special day looking all beautiful.glowing, beaming with happiness I want to see my best friend the most happiest she has been in I cant even say how long..its been too long!! and she deserves this...I should be there.I need to be there..but I can’t. It’s just not possible with Avery having surgery in one week that requires me to prepare mentally, physically and requires all of our money. and so that leaves my heart hurting! Really bad! So Sarah… I will be there every way I can be without physically being there..and you know I would be there in a second if I could. I hope you have a very blessed, beautiful day and may God bless you both!

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Laura said...

My best friend of 16 years is coming to visit in September. I can't wait:)