Thursday, September 6, 2012

Destiny’s braces

The time has come finally for Destiny to get braces…We have been going to the ortho for the last year or so to just keep an eye on her teeth..and to get some pulled when he said bc she has A LOT of overcrowding going on…She also has a BAD overbite…So they put braces on the top last Thursday. They cant put the bottom on yet bc of her overbite..she would just knock the brace of with her top they have to put the top ones on for awhile then after they straighten out a little then they will put the bottom ones on.
Let the fun begin!!!  NOT!!!  At least its not me..and that’s all I have to say..I would never want them.what a pain..She is finally now at the point where she doesn’t have to take Tylenol or Advil for the pain. but she is constantly putting wax on them bc they go into her cheek on one side..But I'm sure it will all be worth it…she hopes anyways..they make her look WAY older!!!!  sniff..sniff..


Becky said...

Oh, braces. Renee will be headed here soon. Yes, she does have an older look to her. And, yes, it will be worth it in the end.:)

Anonymous said...

Braces truly keep kids from eating to much junk food. Braces are truly helpful. I have had mine for about an year and a half now and my teeth are looking so much better and I have about half a year to go. She looks beautiful in her braces!!!! I hope they stop bugging her soon!!!

Laura said...

She does look so much older!!