Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Couple of Days Home

Wow is it ever good to be home!!! and to be back in your own bed with no alarms going off every few minutes..even better..I felt like a walking zombie yesterday all day..
The older girls were very happy to see me in the morning..early morning when I woke them up for school..I got in too late the other night to see them..they were all sleeping. They wanted to stay up and wait but good thing they didn’t. or I would have been draying them out of bed in the morning.
I walked into the babies room to get them yesterday and they were very stunned to see me..they didn’t say a word..Jayla wasn’t even sure if she wanted out of the crib but Jianna came right to me and gave me a big hug after I asked for one..but then even after I got them ready for the day they came right down sure they had to come and see if Grandma was still here..and yes she was..but then they really didn’t talk all morning..Jayla did come and lay with me for awhile..They are both sick..but not really sick you can just hear it in there voices..and there cry..Also Destiny is kind of sick too..its only in her voice too..
We pretty much laid around all morning and did nothing..Avery and the babies fought over all of Avery’s stuff all day..and Jared figures that the whine came back with the babies bc mom came! I tried to get things done but just had no energy to get it done..the suitcases sat all packed still which also meant clothes didn’t  get washed either..Finally after the girls came home from school..I couldn’t take it anymore..I laid down for a nap and was out for the rest of the afternoon..Avery was out too…and the babies slept too..until the phone rang which was a good thing bc I needed to get up right at the time to give Avery her medicine.
Avery is getting her medicine around the is every four hours and one is every six I have to set my alarm at night to get up and give it to her..not fun! Kind of makes it hard to catch up on sleep when you cant go to bed early bc you have to wait for a certain dose and then have to get up makes it harder to go back to sleep too..
When everyone woke up the girls had lots of fun playing with Avery’s new stuff too… (check out he rooster tail…lol..)
Making cool pictures using finger prints..
A gift was waiting for her when she got home and it included this lap pad..and she is loving it..she uses it to play with her toys on her lap..
She needed a really good hair washing and sponge to do that of course it is no easy task…{ I might go into some details about taking care of her in general in a Spica cast..bc it might help someone else that is bout ready to go through a similar situation..and I seen that people were coming to my blog by searching Spica cast..I know that is what I was doing before..doing all the research that I could..} we laid her down on the counter under towels and using the kitchen sink gave her a sponge bath..her hair…oh how her hair needed a really good washing..and conditioner was soo tangly..I am soo glad that we cut her hair short..that was the BEST thing I ever did to prepare for it bc wow it is sooo much easier to come and doesn’t get into a big snarly mess..
So Avery’s cast is removable where you can take the top off and give her a sponge bath under it too..
I have a sprayer on my sink that worked awesome to wash her hair….
DSC_0281 much better..all cleaned up..
Yes once again we have this big ole wheelchair…bc she cant bear any weight on her leg for a we have to keep her tied down for at least a we had to have a wheelchair again to get her around
When I was giving Avery a bath last night I found an abrasion on her back. It had discharged something bc it was all over her cast.
So we went to the dr today..bc they had told us to follow up with her pediatrician with in 2 days..which was good bc they actually called him yesterday and he was able to talk to one of the main dr on the floor. There was a couple of reasons for going to the dr. One being to come up with a plan to wean her from all of her pain medications. So we are going to slowly decrease a couple of her doses from one medication and get her off of that one bc we start with the other one. Which is a good idea bc the I feel like she is at a point where we can reduce the one at night for pain..but the one we are waiting is to control her muscle spasms. which you have to be on top of that one bc if u are even fifteen minutes late on it..she is getting them..Another reason is her appetite.she is still not really eating. So we weighted her so we know where to go and so we can see if she is gaining or losing weight for the next couple of weeks. We don’t want her to lose a lot of weight bc then the cast can get big too..So he put her on an appetite stimulant to see if that increases her appetite..she has to take that three times a day..Also said to try pediasure,boost..which  I told him we did and she wont drink he said to try carnation breakfast drink…so we will try the vanilla ones bc she hates anything chocolate. We have to watch her to see if she gets too sleepy on the stimulant bc I guess that can do it to if it does we will decrease the dose.
Also I had him look at the abrasion on her back and he is going to prescribe something that you would put on we have to put that on twice a day..hopefully it heals it up..
Here's my schedule so I don’t mess anything up..its hard to remember when to give everything..
This afternoon the twins have been playing with Avery on the iPad after her nice long nap…


Anonymous said...

Oh the challenges of the spica..not very good memories for me! Glad to see she smiled through her sponge bath:) Also nice you can wash under it! Those pressure sores sure aren't fun tho... Glad you're home and getting rest (somewhat) and healing for Avery where she belongs! ( at home) May God continue to bless and keep you ~Leah

Laura said...

It's been a week since you wrote this! I hope things are getting easier and easier and that Avery is feeling better and better!