Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today the BIG day..

One last check up of her vital signs to make sure she is in good health…
George has a arm band tooWinking smileJust chillin in Pre-op clinic waiting for them to come and get us..
Waiting in OR holding room until its time..
WE had to go for a ride once when we got in the OR holding room to X-ray..when we first checked into the pre-op clinic this morning..there was a note from Dr. Kim that he wanted to get an xray…so we head down to x-ray..and then they tell us that Dr. Kim don’t need one..so we head back to the pre-op clinic well then when we get to the OR they tell us that the dr wants an X-ray..so back to x-ray we go…so it pushed back the start time a half an hour…
So I was able to go back to OR room with her and was right there with her until she was sleeping..She went to sleep great…but I kind of lost it when I had to kiss her good-bye and go back to the OR room and get everything..it really stinks not having Jared here right now….
Just got updated….They are almost done removing the hardware on the right side from last time..and then will move onto doing the procedure on the left side..everything so far is going good…expected to be done around 130-200…will update again when I know something..they said probably around 1230 they will call in again and get an update

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there..I know the waiting stinks! Been praying all morning...Missing Avery! Wishing she was out here at recess right now! Mrs. P.