Monday, September 10, 2012

Day before Surgery and Curious George Store

Last night in our motel room enjoying our nightly snack from Dunkin Donuts
Today we had pre-op appointments..We had to go to the pre-op clinic..first up was to meet with financial guy…then the nurse..where she examines Avery and sees how she is physically..if she has any signs of sickness..has had any fever lately..all that good stuff…took all her vitals…Pre-op weight…41lbs
Then we had to meet with anestheologists so they could check her out too and  make sure we didn’t have any questions..and explain what was going to happen….next up was orthopedic floor..When I walked up there u should of seen was INSANE!!!!  We waited a good while….and while we waited we meet another mom who also has a child that has DS. He was ten months old and he was a cutie!!! It helped pass the time a little…Next up Lab… Avery’s dr wanted lab work to check her CBC count…her blood clotting factor..and her electrolytes. She was not happy with that at all!!! The nurse made a comment…wow this girl is super strong….no low muscle tone stereotype here…
While we were waiting for the ortho…we got boredWinking smile
When we were all done at the hospital with all of our appointments we had time to go the Curious George Store…the problem…finding it and getting involved riding the “T” train….public transportation..something that I have NEVER did…..and let me tell you…what an experience. We had to get on the green line first then get off at Park Street and get on the red line..and then get off at Harvard Square…
Taken from the train…
IMG_2802[1] IMG_2803[1]IMG_2804[1]
We almost got on the wrong green train on the way back BUT I caught it and realized it right before the train came…apparently there are two longwood longwood medical stop and just a plain longwood stop..which are on two different trains too of course.
We found it!!! The Curious George Store!!! and the look on her face when she seen it…PRICELESS!!!! Prepare for picture overload….
Check out all the George Stuff….
She loved going back to this bed to lay down with George..
Can u believe that don’t sell any yellow hats there????? I was going to get one so she could be that for halloween..the lady said they are looking into it..bc a lot of people have complained..they had one behind the counter and I asked if I could take a picture with Avery wearing it…and they said yes..
Some history on George…
On our way back to the motel we walked by Harvard Medical of course I thought it would be neat to take a picture of it….
I have to show you the picture that Avery drew while we were waiting for our supper…I drew the red man..I know good right???!!Smile and she drew the green guy..and copied my picture..all by herself with no hand over hand..I think she did a mighty fine job coping my picture!!!
The Childrens Hospital…where she will be having her surgery tomorrow…
She was anxious to get back to the motel and have a tea party with George..but actually she wanted to go home..I asked her if she wanted to go back to the room and she tells me no home…she kept telling me home today..over and I know she knows what is going to happen tomorrow..she really was saying it after the lab work..
I did an ooopsie today…I was suppose to call the pre-op clinic between 3-5 to find out what time her surgery was tomorrow..we got back to the motel at 515 and I pulled out the sheet and of course remembered then so I called the number they gave me and they were after talking to a few people they connected me to the operating room and they told me that her surgery is scheduled for 900 we have to be there by 730…no food 8 hrs before..and she can have clear liquids up until 2 hrs before..
Will keep everyone updated via the blog and FB tomorrow….Have


Debbie said...

Good luck tomorrow!:)

Abigail Spaulding said...

Praying all goes well!
Love & God's Peace, Abby

Becky said...

That store looks like it was a lot of fun. I agree they need to sell yellow hats!

Kaia said...

That is such a cute store!

Kaia said...

And good drawing, Avery!