Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avery’s last swim for the summer

I wanted to make sure that Avery had one last time to enjoy swimming in the pool before she was in her cast…and before summer was over..but im sure my other kids will be swimming in it for longer then summer..She loves to wear her goggles..She has come along way in swimming this summer..she kicks her legs and puts her head under way under sometimes..I took her floaties off and stood a little bit away from her and she swam to me…she bobbed a little bit but she made it too me ..and we did it again and she did way better the  second time..after she gets out of her cast I found a place to get her some swim lessons…a fellow mom who also has a child with ds told me about it and she said one session is all it took and she can jump of diving board and everything…and we are going to try that after her cast comes will be good to get in the water and work her hip too..I feel like that truly helped her heal so great…so I feel like one session will be all it takes to teach her to swim with out floaties I think..
Brielle and Jayla- who LOVES the pool and to swim
Destiny and Jianna –who not so much likes to swim
Jayla is fine to let go of her for a little bit in the pool…
Jianna-not so much..hold tight…
Jayla loved to jump..Jianna not so much
Jianna-my spunky monkey….
Great treat to enjoy after a swim…popsicles..

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