Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 6-Discharged..and Our flight home

We stayed at the hospital until  2:30pm..which worked out really nice bc I could eat lunch and I tried to get Avery to eat lunch too..but then she was pretty tired around noon so she slept until it was time to leave..discharge was very smoothly. I got all of her medicines filled at CVS on the ground floor of the hospital in the morning so I had all of them.
Sleeping in the taxi ride to the airport..
We flew home with US Airways and it was a very pleasant experience for the most part.. We were dropped off in front of one of the US Airways door and there was suppose to be a person there holding a sign with my last name from Massport. So as I am standing there I see the person way down at the other door…How in the world am I going to get down there..I have two backpacks..two duffel bags..and computer bag..purse..and one little wheeler backpack..so im standing there for about 5 minutes and know I have to get down there..so I try to put as much on the stroller as I can and all of a sudden while I am bending down to pick up another bag..down goes Avery..she tipped over backwards in the stroller…she wasn’t hurt or anything..bc the bags caught her..so then I caught the attention of a lady that was at the desk that was checking people in curbside and asked her if I could get some help…so she sent a guy down to help me and then we put all of our luggage on the cart and went up to the lady.She was the best thing ever..Soo very helpful…When we went to go get our tickets I put my four very small bags down and airline lady says did u know it was $60 per bag???  Ummm what???!!!  So I showed her the letter I got from the organization that bought the tickets for me and explained that it was a medical flight and two of the bags were just medical supplies..and so she said that she couldn’t do anything but she would call a supervisor over for me..so after waiting FOREVER..and talking to them..they waived the bag fee for us…Thanks be to God!  So after we got all tickets and stuff we had to go through security but having that lady with me she got me right up to the front and we didn’t have to wait in the line..and she was also able to stay with my stuff while I dealt with Avery through the security. and since we were carrying narcotics we had show letter from dr…but otherwise it was ok…they just checked my bag over a little bit more..but I was ok with that..as long as I could bring everything through that was in there..bc I had a couple of unopened Gatorades for her and also a package of juice boxes too..and then we just got to the gate and waited…the bathroom was a little tricky in that airport bc they didn’t have a little bathroom that you could just go in an shut the door.. but luckily it wasn’t busy so it worked out.. and then I just carried her onto the airplane and checked the umbrella stroller in curb side..When we got to D.C. we just waited until everyone was completely off of the plane and then I just carried her off..and then a staff member carried my other bags to my next gate. And when we got to the gate he asked the ladies behind the desk if I could just leave my bags there so I could go and get something to eat..he also gave me a punch card that gave me a free combo meal from a place..so we got free supper then too..he gave me two cards but  I gave one back..bc Avery wasn’t eating so I didn’t even need it..but she did manage to eat some pretzels from the plane and a few of my french fries. They were so very helpful to get us on the plane in D.C. too..Our plane was kind of late taking off bc of some maintenance we we didn’t get home until 11..and we were suppose to get in at 9:30. SO Avery was very tired when we got home and went right to sleep…
Leaving Boston..
George had to have a seat too..and he probably got more food then anyone on the plane.. the flight attendants really like him I guessWinking smile
We flew into D.C. and so you could see the White house..and the Washington Monument.
Will post later about our first day home…


Anna Theurer said...

I am relieved you ladies made it home. It also looks like George got a lot of leg room too!

lovemy3 said...

I'm so glad that other than the stroller tipping, you had an uneventful journey! Hope the transition home is going okay!

Anonymous said...

So glad you two are home!!! Tell her we all miss her and love her!! Saw Breille in the hall thia am and was so excited when she told me you were home!Mrs.P.