Sunday, September 9, 2012

We’ve made it to Boston

This morning we left for Boston, MA for Avery’s surgery on Tuesday. Our first flight was from Greenville, SC to Lynchburg, VA. This time it's just me and Avery....we couldn't get into the family housing program they were booked and too expensive for Jared to stay in a motel the whole time. So I have to put my BIG girl pants on and do this one by myself this time..:( .Anxiety is really starting to kick in a little...hard saying good bye to my kids especially the twins when I was putting them to bed last night  I told them I was going bye-bye for awhile...they told me NO!!! and Jayla says mommy be right back..and I had to tell her no too... :(
It was a really great flight..there were hardly any bumps or anything..Avery did awesome..she pretty much just played on her iPad the whole flight…it was about 2 hours we had some tail wind so went faster…so that was a plus..
A few pictures from our flight…
Not sure if u will be able to see in the pictures or not but if u look far off..them are the blue ridge mountains
The landing strip is in sight…whew!!
Our pilot was Ned…and he was great…he seen a documentary on angel flights on tv and decided that looked like a great idea so he went back and updated his pilots license and bought a plane..and has been doing them for the last three years..before that he had gotten his pilot license in 1968 but then let it go after awhile…and never had a plane before this one..but he did tell me that he flew a homemade plane..bc while we were flying up there a homemade one came over the headset..and he mentioned it to me…ummmm…homemade airplane…NO THANK YOU!!
Our second flight was from Lynchburg, VA to Phil, PA.. Our pilot was Bob….We had Bob from our last trip….so that was really nice..bc we already knew him…
Avery loved to wear the headphones..and she talked into the microphone pretty much the whole trip…she obviously likes to listen to herselfSmile
See these big puffy clouds….They are the worst things ever to fly through in a single propeller airplane….just sayin’!  But really this flight was the worst…I got pretty sick…BUT I didn’t lose my stomach so that is a plus…right??!!!! But the clouds are what made it BAD…and towards the end he asked to fly lower so we could avoid them…
Our third flight was from Phil, PA to Boston, MA….and it was the best plane ride that we have been on EVER. why???? BC we rode on a jet planeSmile
Our pilot was Dave…and he is great…he brought his wife along on the trip..they are going to eat in Boston and then they will fly back home…aww..the life when u get older…They fly everywhere!!!! 
We are flying first class here….I mean look George even has his own seat…hehehe!!! Avery wanted him to buckle up too so I obliged..
New York City…WHoa huh????
Statue of LIberty…hahaha!!! You can see it right???Winking smile
Coming into Boston
Sailboats are huge here..all u see up in the plane is all these little white triangles everywhere…
Boston, MA city line
A look of our plane from the frontSmile
Wooohooo!!!  We made it…Our cab driver seen Avery carrying her Curious George so he told us that they have a Curious George store here…I think she deserves to go before her big on tomorrow’s agenda after her pre-op appointments…find the Curious George Store…apparently its not hard to get to  BUT you have to take the train..GASP…I've never did that before..
We got to our motel and laid down and Avery took a little bit of a power nap…then we went the food court here and got some supper…So we were standing in line at Subway and I see this  old guy staring at her..and then he comes over to her and starts talking to her and telling her how cute she is...and I start  wondering what in the world hew as doing..if he was being creepy, or crazy or what…BUT then he tells me "i lost my brother 10 years ago who also had DS and he was the BEST thing ever in my life and you are truly blessed and she will bring u more joy then you can imagine.."
When we got back to our motel room…we Skyped with the girls..I made sure this time before I left to get it set up so I could talk this way with the girls this time..and it was awesome…Avery really enjoyed it…and I enjoyed seeing everyone too..I think the twins liked it too….
Well tomorrow is pre-op day…and Tuesday is the BIG day for her surgery..but stay tuned to my blog I will have updates on here…


Becky said...

Will be thnking of you...curious George store...I want to see those pictures! :)

Laura said...

You guys travel in style! I did see the Statue of Liberty:) Enjoy your day tomorrow. I hope all the preop stuff goes by quickly so you can go to the Curious George store!

Anonymous said...

Kristi, I shared the pics this am with class. They loved them!! They loved Avery working on her ipad and Curious George buckled up and the planes! Tell Avery we all miss her really bad and love her!! Will be praying for her tomorrow!! ((((HUGS)))) from her K5 class