Tuesday, September 11, 2012

After Surgery

The Dr. came to talk to me..told me the left side wasnt as bad as the right side..not a lot of blood loss during surgery. After he screwed it in place he moved it all around and it didnt come out but was still loose but he thinks it will tighten back up once it cant go out...He only had to do the triple pelvic osteotomy which is good news..no femoral osteotomy too..after they did the triple pelvic her hip stayed in place so there was no need to continue on and do the femoral osteotomy. I asked for the screws from the right side he said he will try to get them to me...He was pleased to see such positive results from the right side that we did..bc he tried to move that side around and everything still stayed in place..Awesome!!

She did great coming out of it….very groggy still….sleeping on and off..she had a good wake period right after..where we got her to eat a few ice chips…She did not get the medicine that she got last time to make her more mellow for 24 hrs. after the surgery…so we will see how she is later…if she seems really jumpy or crazy…we will give her something else. The only thing right now she is on is her epidural for pain…She is also on oxygen bc her stats keep dropping…which is to be expected really..bc of the cast..she has to kind of relearn to breathe with it on….no fever yet so yay that is good news…keep praying that the fevers stay away….My girls are anxious to see some pictures of her and her cast..and George’s cast too…
A picture of her room…7 south Room 26…this time…
She’s not really happy at all…
A little smile/smirk for meWinking smile that’s about all I got so I will take it.
Here is her cast…she will have to be in it for two months again..but it is going to be removable so I can sponge bath her….and clean her up if she gets pee on it or something like that..and after a month she will be able to take a bath like last time..but then will have to go right back in it..
This time thankfully they only gave her two iv’s. She hasn’t really paid any attention to them yet..which is a good thing..bc she don’t like them iv’s.
Now comes the hard part..Recovery…
Thank you all for caring for my little girl!
Thank you all for your support and thoughts and prayers! Please keeping praying for her….specifically for no fevers..and for her stats to come up….
God is so Good!!


Becky said...

Oh, I bet you are relieved the surgery is done and with awesome results! Love George's cast too...will be praying for a calm and quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Adorable that George had a cast too. Hip she heals fast and you get to come home soon

Kaia said...

How cute and fun that they gave George a matching cast! Thankful surgery went well and will pray that recovery is the same!

lovemy3 said...

Glad that surgery went well. Prayers for recovery! Love that George has a matching cast!!!