Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Night Down

Whew…boy do I hate hospitals…and do I ever HATE her sleep machine that they use here…it is sooo stinkin touchy..and a little bit of a leak and this alarm goes off and its LOUD…probably louder then your alarm clock…so of course it wakes u up..My night consists of me just falling asleep…BEEP..BEEP…BEEP.BEEP…wakeup…check the clock…oh man MAYBE 30 minutes had went by since the last time I looked..and repeat..all night long.
She is still on oxygen..last night she was on 30% with her sleep machine..and today she is on 30% which we are going to try to slowly decrease that and see how she does..This morning she started running a fever..and so they have started giving her Tylenol…I know a little fever is pretty typical as long as it stays little so please be praying that it stays down and not up…This morning it was at 101…and climbing pretty fast. Just checked her and she still feels really warm with the Tylenol in her…Her out take was lower then what they wanted so they increase her IV fluids last night…She is still on a catheter..and is still on an IV for fluids that they said they will try to decrease today IF she is drinking/eating..but of course she isn't really doing either..She had maybe five bites of scrambled eggs this morning..and has been sleeping all morning…still no poo action so they ordered some colac and  miralax to start that to get her moving so she doesn’t get blocked up…bc as many of you know anytime you have surgery the anesthetics tend to plug u you up anyways but then with her constipation issues too the two is not a good mix!
Just had lab work done…which of course she did not like…..they took labs to check CBC count..and also kemp count…
Mostly she just lays there all groggy and sleepy and don’t move..she wont even move her hands..mainly bc she don’t like her IV lines in them..This is how I found her when I got back from breakfast this morning..all cuddled up with George…
She did just wake up and kept saying we called daddy so he could talk to her..and so she talked to him and went back to sleep…
Last night we had some visitors…YAY for someone to talk to!!!!!! 
and there son Jack….who I just asked if I could take his picture and he smiled just like this…too cute!!  Jack actually also had this procedure done awhile ago..I had contacted Debbie his mom before we went ahead with this surgery to talk to her about it..They live about 45 min away from here..and they were here in this hospital with Jack last night bc he had to have a small procedure done and his oxygen levels dropped so they wanted to keep him over night to observe when I seen that I contacted her via FB and we met up…This down syndrome family is amazing!!!! I love it!! There are so many of them with a wealth of information…and so happy and eager to share it with you…and when you get to meet up with them sometimes well that’s a big plus tooSmile  
Please continue to pray for Avery’s recovery and for the fevers to stay down and away!!!

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