Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 5

Today was a great day!! PTL!!!  We finally turned the corner..we had a very rough night last night…They were going to give her iv fluids during the night bc she was behind but then the IV ended up being no good I woke up to her screaming..and there were three people over her with the head lamp..and they were trying to salvage the IV…they worked on it for at least 30 minutes trying to save it..and the whole time she is screaming…and  then when they thought they got it they taped it down really good and started the fluids and NOPE….didn’t they just took it out..and she was happy:) she hates them IV’s. So he had to go check with the nurse to see if they were going to make him put a new iv in or if she would be ok through the night…thankfully they said that she would be ok through the night and to keep encouraging liquids through out the night..
Also today we had to play around with her pain/valium levels again..bc right away when she woke up after we moved her around to go to the potty she was crying in pain..and then we put her back on the chair she was out…so we lowered her valium dose to 1mg..and spaced that out every 6 hours..and then lowered her oxycodone to 2mg every 4 hrs..with Tylenol every 4 hrs. too..and it worked..She stayed away all day..couldn’t believe should of seen her eyes tonight…very red and very tired looking..she played around and did things…and we moved her around to the chair and back and forth to the potty and she seemed ok..every now and again the first initial move she would say owie a little then would be fine..but I think some of that is the cast rubbing on her while moving her..
She had a bath today and really enjoyed that…no crying…she really did have a great day..
She painted..
she colored..
she blew bubbles..
she smiled...
she laughed and  giggled..
She did eat some lunch..spagettios..but it didn’t stay down..she threw that back up with in 5 minutes of eating..but she has kept all of her liquids down since supper she did eat half a yogurt and maybe a couple grapes..we really pushed liquids today…and so far soo good..we didn’t have to redo IV..
We had visitors today..and it was sooo nice…Jared’s mom’s brother…Steve and Nancy came to visit us today..sooo nice..Nancy stayed with Avery for a good awhile so I could get Steve and I went for a walk in the gardens and then went for supper..very nice to just get away and not hurry back…and relax..Avery really enjoyed playing with Nancy too!! 
Avery with her nurse..Callie..we have had her the most..its so nice to have the same nurse over and over again....Avery loves her..we had her fri, sat, and then sun all during the day..Check out her eyes in the picture…this was at the end of the day…tired little girl…haha
Sounds like everything is still good through the night and tomorrow morning we will be released to go home tomorrow..yippie skippee!!!  How exciting is that..

A little nervous about flying commercially with her tomorrow...praying everything goes smoothly..we are also going home to sick kids..a little nervous about that too...we could turn around and be back in the hospital again with her down there..the dr said to keep her away from colds and sickness for awhile..ha! It would not be good for her to get a cold/sick in the cast..the whole breathing thing would be really bad!!  Praying she stays healthy...

Thank you all for all of the prayers, thoughts and love...God is good!! 

**"For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord." Jeremiah 30:17

**"I am the Lord; who heals you." Exodus 15:26


Anonymous said...

SO thankful to read this Kristi! Praise God....been thinking of you so much. So glad Steve and Nancy came and you had a break, thank God for big families...what a blessing. ~~Leah

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