Friday, August 28, 2009

Avery by-passing time

Cleaning out the toy box and then climbing in!!!

Cleaning out the round robin cabinet and trying to fit through but realizing that she doesn't quiet fit:))

This is what Avery does while she waits for sisters to come home. Just a few updates on Avery.. She had her hearing check up and her tubes are open and working very good and her inner ear is measuring sounds really good so in other words her hearing is GREAT and we go back in 6 months for another check up!! YEAH!! We also went back to the special needs/nutritionist dr. for a check up and she is weighing in at 27 1/2lbs..:)) She isn't having a problem gaining weight anymore!! She falls about 50% on a normal growth chart for her weight and we are doing good there..The dr. wants to repeat a swallow study pretty soon to make sure that she isn't aspiring and is good to drink from a straw now i told her that i had been giving her a sippy cup with a thicker straw and Avery doesn't seem to cough or have any problems after taking a drink so thats why the dr wants to check and make sure everything is a OK..We are also going to be starting a straw program in speech therapy which is suppose to be AWESOME for her as far as lip closure and proper tongue hopefully after we do the swallow study we can start that..
Well i think that is it for now...i guess ill let you all know on Thursday what we find out at our ultrasound:))


Holly said...

Cute pics:) Thats so awesome she is doing so well!

Michelle said...

What a booger!!! LOL! Someone has to keep you busy, right?? :)