Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School Pictures

Well today the girls went back to school finally:)) You can definately tell when summer is at the end. The girls were fight constantly and i think they are getting tired of spending so much time together. But they were both very excited to get back to school. It took them forever to pick out there first day outfits. They had been picked and repicked and repicked over and over..lol Girls i tell ya they are quiet funny. All up in there clothes.Oh yeah they both got haircuts too..Do you like them??
I was wondering how Avery would be when the house was quiet if she would seem lonesome so when Avery woke up she seemed pretty good until we went upstairs to get ready and she went into the girls room and climbed up in Brielle's bed and just sat there..She was looking for them..:))

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh,the girls are getting soo big!!! They look all grown up! Love the hair cuts. Brielle looks a lot like Brianna!!