Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer is over:((

Where did the summer go?? I can't believe that it is over for us already..It seems like the kids just got out of school..Well sorry i havent been able to give you all an update on how the pregnancy is going or on anything else lately..We went down to Myrtle Beach for a vacation and had a great time Ill try to get pictures on later or tomorrow..and then my laptop broke once again and so i had to wait for it to get fixed..It is a funny how dependent you become on the technology until you dont have it anymore then you are lost:))
Well I am 17 weeks and no i havent found out what I am having yet..I have an ultrasound Sept 3 and hopefully we will be able to find out then if the babies cooperate. I have had a dr appointment since the last one..I have to have them every two weeks..I got to hear two heartbeats..They were both great and took the nurse a long time to find the second one she kept hearing the first one and the baby kept moving around so she would keep getting that one..I have been feeling ok for the most part.. I have had ALOt of pain and pressure in my pelvic area. I can only stand or walk for about an hour and then i have to go sit that has been VERY painful but when i seen the dr she gave me a muscle relaxer to take at night so that seems to be helping a little..She also told me that i would be having them c-section which i was a little bugged about just bc i have already had a c-section even though it was Avery why i had one. And when i had Avery she had said that she would let me go naturally but she told me that practices have changed since then..I might try to call around to a couple of other dr.s just to see what they say..She told me to try to have at least 3 hours of down time a day..and probably in the middle of october i will be put on parital bed rest if i need it..So now after i find out what they are i will be in panic mode to try to get everything ready..I am having a hard time with a stroller..I dont know what to do..I dont really want a triple stroller bc they are ALOT of money!!! But i think i am going to have to get one bc a double isnt going to work bc i wont have any place to put Avery and I am going ot need a stroller going in and out of therapy twice a whats a person to do??? Avery still needs a stroller and will for a long time..When ever someone else is with me like destiny she could always push her in an umbrella stroller if i got a dbl stroller but nobody will be with me when i go to therapy.
The girls start school on Tuesday..It is hard to believe that Destiny is going to be in second grade and Brielle is starting Kindergarten but i am ready...They are ready to go back to..I have been trying to get school shopping done this week but i have had to spread it out to more than one day just because i cant walk that that has pretty much stinked..but i gueess i have to listen to my body when it says means it!!!
Avery is doing great...She had her re-evaluation for OT this week..This time last year she was showing a 7 month delay for OT and this time she is showing a 4 month delay..Yippe!! She has made so much progress this past year..I am so proud of you Avery!! She has met all of her goals that we set for OT last year and we had to make new ones.
Well Ill leave you with a picture this was taken when i was 14 weeks..i need to take recent ones bc im bigger then that now..but anyways certain people can leave me alone now to post a picture:)))


aliimberi said...

AWWW how cute!!!

Michelle said...

CUTE!!! Hard to believe there are two little buggers in there!

Holly said...

Wow! I dont really understand why you cant deliver them naturally women have done it before havnt they?? You look AWESOME, so cute:)