Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well we are in full swing again..We survived the first week of school..Things are going great they are both loving school...Avery and I are adjusting just fine with the girls being gone all day:)) There really isnt anything else to update on..I did have another dr. appointment but it was just a basic appointment..The heart beats sounded good and I am finally starting to gain weight. So far I have only gained 6lbs. but she said watch out when i reach 20 weeks bc then that is when i will really start to gain the weight..I had to have an ultrasound to find the one heartbeat and anyways the nurse practioner said that she thought it looks like they are in the same sac too (which means identical) This is the third ultrasound that I have had and I have had three different people tell me that it looks like they are in the same sac but then eventually they tell me that they arent..but I am not convinced that they arent identical..No I didnt get to find out what they are..It was just a quick one to check out the hearts and there make sure there heartbeats where good..Next week is when I hopefully will get to find out what the babies are..As long as the babies cooperate..So we will see..

Here are a few pictures that Destiny took yesterday..So sorry the pictures aren't really straight..


aliimberi said...

Are you sure there are 2 in there?? I vote for comparison pics! I think you were bigger with the other ones! I wish I looked like that when I am preggo! I get fat everywhere! You look good!

Holly said...

OOOOH...I vote for a comparison pic too!!! lol Looking good:)

Michelle said...

I agree!!! You don't look that good!!