Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 yr Check Ups!!

This month has been crazy with doctor check ups for Avery.  We went to her regular pediatrician, hearing check up, eyes check up, and the special needs/nutritionist doctor.  Next week its the ENT.  Wow..its been crazy..She has to go to most of them every 6 months so they all fall in the same month I'm not sure why I do this to myself but I guess then its all over for another 6 months right;).
So as far as her hearing goes she is doing awesome!!!  Her eyes are still doing great but we have went down a little there..he said that she was just on the border for nearsightness..but that you can stay there for a very long time too so i guess we will just have to keep an eye on it..For her regular doctor just very basic just gave me orders for all of her blood work…complete cbc (white blood count), thyroid, Celiac disease, diabetes, and i think one other thing and then that might be all;). Poor girl..I always hate doing all of the blood work I get all uptight and worried until I get the clear that everything is good..She now weighs 30lbs..cant believe that..we were once fighting to get her to gain so much weight do you guys all remember ten months she as ten pounds...and now she is at I brought up to him about doing a sleep study..I just think she might have sleep apnea a we will see..he said to bring it up to the ENT that is what ill do I guess..On to the special needs/nutritionist she was VERY thorough as she always is that’s why i like going to her..I had taken her of off her prevacid (for her acid reflux per her GI doctor)  and well after her still spitting up and her having mucus from her nose constantly, and maybe even her sleep problems  it all goes back to her acid we are putting her back on prevacid for now..and she even put her on some allergy medicine bc after looking in her nose she said that it might look allergy/pollen related..well who wouldn't have problems with all the pollen we have been having..its HORRIBLE!!! So between the two we can hopefully knock the runny icky buggy nose all the time..I did notice it got worse after we took her off of prevacid but never put two and two together until now..she also has a razzle in her lungs that we cant get rid of either..lets see what else did she say..oh yes to watch her weight now;)  so in the beginning we were pushing extra calories and now we are watching calories..hehe!!  and to make sure she gets lots of good exercise..oh trust me she is getting exercise the girl never stops except when she sleeps!!!  She also told us to get a referral to a developmental pediatrics in Greenville..(I'm thinking are you kidding me I get to add another dr to my list) What for you ask???  To help tailor her education plans I guess..and since there is a 6 month waiting list then to go ahead and get the referral now;)  I don't even want to start to think about her going to school yet!!  I did have the school call me since she is three now and see if she was going to go to school..but I said no not yet..bc I dont want her going to school everyday right now..just a personal choice!!  But the special needs dr said that i could maybe get her into the school for the deaf and blind for a couple hours like maybe two to three times a week so we might look into that..why u ask?? well bc her speech is soooooooo delayed!!!!! 
So how is she doing in her therapies???  Well in physical she is doing awesome she isn't even getting physical therapy right now bc of lack of therapist..but I don't mind bc what she cant do she seems to find her own way of doing it..and Occupational therapy is still working with her to strengthen her trunk muscles..So for Occupational we are just working on getting her ready for school..writing, cutting, small pincher grasp things like that..and for Speech well basically just to get her to talk more..the girl hardly talks words at all.She babbles all day long but nothing that anyone can understand. She understands ALOT but cant verbally talk what she we have really been doing the sign language to help with the frustration and it is actually helping her talk too.. For instance…we were eating supper one night and she wanted ketchup but we didn't know what in the world she wanted and after about five minutes and a total break down we finally figured out that she wanted the next time her occupational therapist came i asked her what ketchup is( i knew she would know bc her husband is deaf) so the next time at supper when ketchup was involved..and she was wanting more..i signed ketchup and said ketchup at the same time…so what does miss Avery do..she signs ketchup and try's to say it at the same it got her to say ketchup!!  yeah we have one word that we know:))  That girl is so quick to pick up signs too..she got a bunch of signing time dvds for her birthday (Signing times are dvds that are  very catchy and easy to learn signs geared at kids but VERY, VERY  expensive I might add) and she picked up on the signs for signing time so the girl comes to me and does signing time signs when she wants to watch it and actually try's to say it too..which is impressive bc it is two words together and that does not happen!!  After reading someone else’s blog I am going to be looking up and researching speech apraxia to see if that is what Avery has…hmmm..we will see what kind of rabbit trail it leads me on..
DSC_8101 copy

Well that was way to long!!!!  That pretty much much sums up what I've been up to lately..just helping the doctors take home that pay check!!!:) Here’s a short video of Avery doing signing times.  Don’t mind me either;)  She does do a couple of signs play (two hands shake with thumb and pinky out) , and time.. (where she is hitting her hand) Sorry that this is sideways I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn it around the right way!!  If anyone knows how please let me know!!! Thanks;)


Michelle said...

Way to go Avery!!! Her talking will prob be just like her weight... at first you can't get her too and then you will try to be getting her to stop!! She may be a little stubborn, wonder where she would get that from ?? :)

Debbie said...

Sounds like what we'll be going through starting in a couple weeks! Gotta love all the checkups:)

Holly said...

Wow busy busy! Love the video:)

Amy said...

Omg she's so big!!! She looks so cute dancing around to her video.