Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter family Pictures

Well we tried but they didn't turn out the greatest but I guess i cant be that picky..its kind of hard to get five kids to cooperate.. I think Jared might of been worse then the kids though to agree to take pictures!!!  I have to retake some of just the girls.. What do you all think???

Jianna’s on the right, Jayla’s on the left

The girls in there Easter dresses!!

This one is the best i think..(i guess) at  least everyone is looking even though they may not be smiling..hehe!!
DSC_8775 copy
DSC_8789 copy
DSC_8810 copy

Daddy and his girls!!!


Michelle said...

What a darling little family!!! i think the pics turned out good.

Holly said...

I think they are really cute! It's prob kinda hard to smile when there isn't anyone behind the camera to smile at;)

WestSide Story said...

Great pics, your family is beautiful!!!