Friday, April 2, 2010

Our highlight for the evening!!

I was dressing the last child to walk out the door to church tonight and Destiny comes running upstairs.."”Mom, Brielle got a comb stuck in her hair..” I'm thinking how bad can it be..really..Brielle comes crying upstairs..and I look at it and all i can do is laugh.. I should of known better..

Brielle says the only thing we can do is cut it..and of course she is just bawling..We cant cut it Brielle you will look funny..Brielle- Well I don't want to look funny” sob,cry,cry some more… I ask her “What happened Brielle??” Brielle- I just twirled the comb up..and I didn't know this was going to happen..Of course not..Brielle..How lovely!!  Sigh..I just have to walk away..and think about how in the world am I going to get the comb out with out giving her a 5 inch bald spot right in the front of her head of course!! And then she comes running to me..I have an idea Mom!!!  With  a pair of scissors in her hand she says..”We can cut the comb.  You have another one in the drawer mom…So it will be ok!! “ Chuckle,chuckle..Oh crack me up!!  So I go out in the garage and we find the wire cutter and start snipping the comb away..” Every couple of seconds she looks up at me and asks Is it working Mom? and by the time we got that comb out Brielle sighs and says well that wasn't so bad..and I said we aren't done Brielle now comes the fun part.

So we go upstairs and I rub lots of conditioner on her hair and start combing and combing and rubbing more conditioner in her hair and she is just yelling to stop pulling....and then Brielle looks up at me and says “I thought you said this was going to  be fun part.” HAHA!!   Pretty much we have a big knot left and Jared tells Brielle  to go downstairs that he will just snip a little and hopefully the rest will be easier to work out.. So off they go downstairs..(I should of know better) By the time I got downstairs (which wasn't even 5 minutes) the whole knot was already cut and on the floor..

Luckily the top of her hair was out of the knot so she just has some….layers :) underneath.. it really doesn't look that bad.. After about an hour of getting that stupid comb out at least we don't have a 5 inch bald I'm pretty pleased.. and so is Brielle so I guess..we will call it a night:)  BTW we  didn't quite make it church..but we were going to go so that counts right:)



Kristen's mom said...

I have 4 daughters and we have totally gone through the whole comb thing at least 3 times. They never learn. But it is pretty funny. Love the pictures

Holly said...

Oh no!! lol Makes for a funny story though hey?!?!

Michelle said...

LOL!!! (that is all there is to say!)