Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Fun

I have an addiction that i must admit right now;)))  Want to know what it is;)  Blog hopping!! hehe!!  Once when you start  you cant stop trust me. There are so many crafty people out there...and to make matters worse..i have a list a mile long now of projects that I MUST do!!!  But thought i would share one of them with you all and who knows maybe Ill share them all with you when and if I ever get them done but just to warn you that it might be a long time from now..Ok first up…Fabric Flowers…or some call them organza flowers..guess what I made them out of…yeap all them fancy bridesmaids dresses that are just collecting dust in my closet..well not actually bc my girls love them for dress up..so we just had to make the dresses shorter so i could use some of the fabric.. These were so so easy and so much fun..and you don't have to use them for your hair..put a pin on the backs and use them for a broach or clip them on a purse or a belt..the possibilities are endless..Aren't they just girly and cute:)
DSC_9189 DSC_9191

Here are just a few that we made..Michelle guess where the blue one came from..;)  Yeap your bridesmaid dress from your wedding..and the red one well i just used a shirt that i picked up at goodwill for $.75. I’m sure I can get a lot from that one shirt!!

See here is the dress that the purple ones came from… So what do you think?? 


Holly said...

Those are so stinken adorable!!

Michelle said...

very adorable!! You can totally use those for anything!! Can't wait to see what other projects you are going to be doing!

couture unraveled said...
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couture unraveled said...

HAHA!! I TOO recently became a blog hoppin junky!!!! where did you find the tutorial for the flowers..I'd love to make em too!!! Go to my blog...i have some that I follow that are good one's too!!!!!!!! =)