Thursday, May 6, 2010

Four Months

Wow!! My girls are four months already..Jayla’s on the left and Jianna’s on the right…Its hard to believe how old this teddy bear is…I have taken all of my girls pictures every month with this same bear..and Jared had this bear before we met and well we dated for 3 1/2 years before we got married so this bear is at least 14 years old..Wow..he’s!!  That might be why he is a little!!
DSC_0235 copy

Jianna, Jayla  (Can you tell them apart just outside enjoying our nice warm has been so nice here..loving it when I actually make it outside;)  We have our house for sale by owner so the last two days I have been cleaning and cleaning some more..I have been wanting to do a heavy duty cleaning for a bout a year and since I couldn't do a good heavy clean when I was pregnant well it was time!!  So my house is spotless for a day anyways..haha!!  Windows check, closets reorganized check, trim washed check, walls washed down check, and cabinets cleaned inside and reorganized..

Avery’s blood tests came back fine…whew!!  sigh of relief…I had been waiting and waiting and finally grew impatient  so I finally called them yesterday so I could get the results…

Here is my latest project…these took forever..I did them for Avery’s room..I decided I didn't like my other letters that I did so I did these ones..I got the idea from Allison!!!   So do you like them??

And here’s a picture of a few canvases that I did for her room too..


Holly said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute!! The twins are so big already-Four months?? how'd that happen;) LOve the alphabet letters-very cute!

couture unraveled said...

I love the letters....cute!! The girls are getting so big...but you can see their little personalities in the picture!!! Cute girls you got there!!!!