Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mothers Day

First off I know this is a week late but it has really been a week around sorry this is late..Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there…(My mother and MIL your gift is still on its way..its better late then never right:)and especially to all you mothers that have lost a child I have been thinking about you and praying for you..May God give you the strength to get through it..(Karla you have been in my prayers and I will continue to keep you in my prayers..) Please everyone keep Karla in your prayers..she is my step mom and a couple of months ago she lost her 14yr old son in a terrible car accident with it being Mothers Day and then his birthday was this last week too..
It has been a long and sad week..We  have also had a terrible tragic down here too..The lady that has been helping me out for the last four months with the twins has lost her 16yr old son in a terrible car accident on Mothers Day.  The boy is also my SIL’s nephew..She has been such a blessing to us these last four months and it is just awful..My heart just breaks for the whole family..He was such a good Im asking for prayers for the Nyblom family too...and also for the other two kids that were involved in the accident..they are still in critical condition. The caring bridge website for one of the kids is …. 
It seems so irrelevant to even talk about my Mothers Day..but we did have a wonderful day together..We went to the lake the girls went tubing for the first time..It actually went a little better then what we thought it would with the babies..
My babies just chillin under the boat


Jared took a turn with Brielle..and I guess that means I drove the was definitely an experience..I think I need ALOT more practice..Jared was  getting a little frustrated with my bc I was trying to take pictures and drive the boat at the same time..hehe!!!  Apparently you shouldn't do that..:)
Going for a cruise around the lake..My family minus the babies..they are hiding:)
I should of  just gotten a picture with all the girls but I didn't..sometimes its nice to have recent pictures just one on one with each of my girls..
Check out the ridiculous life jackets that we had to have on the babies..we left the top snap undid bc they were getting mad at them..


Debbie said...

Hehe--I like the first picture of the twins in their huge life jackets:)
I forgot you'd know the families in the car accident-Sean is Eric's 1st cousin

Holly said...

Looks like fun:)