Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Few Projects that I’ve been working on

Well I know its been about a week since my last post but just thought I would post a few things that I've been working on..I'm hoping the mothers received there cards already.and if you didn't well then u should just close your window down right now and stop reading or you’ll ruin your surprise:) All of my ideas I got from other blogs and this time I linked them since I had a few people ask as to where I found the other stuff at..Told ya I was addicted..didn't I?:) Stay tuned I'm working on something for my girls and its made out of a white t-shirt from the dollar store..so we will see if it turns out..haha!1  I guess maybe i shouldn't of said anything in case it didn't..I did have to brush off all of the dust of my sewing machine so we will see how it goes:)


This one was for my mom..I did a picture for every kid then a group one and then there is a spot on the back that she can add my brothers kid..(and if she wanted to add a very old picture of the other three well then she can take my girls group pic out..and boy she better like the updated pictures bc they were a pain to get:) I didn't get a picture of Joyce’s but what I did with her’s is take a group picture of each family’s kids…and then she had to add one of Greg and Sarah’s bc I couldn't obviously take there picture…and then left one blank at the end in hopes of her getting a good shot this summer at Bruce’s wedding of all the grandkids together:)..anyways I hope you like them Moms!!! Here’s where I got the idea from here..


Teacher gifts..Yes It’s hard to believe that its the end of school already..where has the time gone..but Im actually looking forward to summer!!  I get so tired of the morning routine that it’s a nice break for mom’s too:)  These were so simple…I got the jars at Hobby Lobby and then just mod podged the labels on..and filled with sweets.. I got the idea from here
 DSC_1144 DSC_1145
A little pampering of myself will never do any harm..:) I have all these little cracks on my hands that ive been trying to get rid of and so I came across this online at this blog..and thought now why didn’t I think of that..So I gave it a shot and whipped up a batch of some sugar scrub and let me tell you…Oh WOW!!!  This stuff is awesome..just follow the link if you want the recipe..I made a sugar cookie batch and then a melonberry batch and def like the melonberry batch better…the lars once again I got at hobby lobby..and then the fragrance I got at Hobby lobby in the soap making aisle…afterwards wash hands with soap and then lather on some lotion..your hands will be so soft:)

And lastly I seen this necklace here..and thought it was really cute so I tried to copy it..it took a lot of patience but I guess it paid of bc in the end I LOVe it!!!  I should really thank Jared bc he pretty much made me the necklace..note to self buy the right stuff next time to use..hehe!!   What do you all think??? Is it cute???


And a couple recent pictures of the girls..Jianna on the right and Jayla on the left…Jianna just found her feet yesterday and now she wont let them go...and Jayla well that is pretty much all she does is just lift them up but hasn't seen that they are there yet..in a couple of days Im sure she will find them…
DSC_1196 DSC_1204


couture unraveled said...

Very Cute!! We must totally visit the same blogs!!!LOL!!!!! At least you are actually doing all the stuff on your "blog inspired to-do list" LOL!!! BTW...Twins are ADORABLE!!!! ;)

aliimberi said...

Great job! I can't wait to start posting pics of my blog inspired items! I can't believe how big the girls are getting!

WestSide Story said...

cute and creative ideas! I tried finding the sugar scrub recipe but couldnt find it?