Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet Skittles

I know call me…but i guess i couldn't resist my kids..and the fact that I have always wanted a cocker spaniel(it does have  a little shih tzu in it) so I guess they call that breed cock-a-tzu  HAHA!!!  I have to say she is pretty cute though and Im not even a dog/animal person….My girls twisted my arm into getting it;)…We finally decided on a name that we are all happy with Skittles;)  We have had 5 different names for this puppy already and she hasnt even been with us for 24 hrs..haha…
DSC_0568 DSC_0535
Destiny just LOVES this puppy…she has done nothing but play with it since we have gotten it!!  She loves your shoulder to cuddle up on..i think she is used to cuddling up with her brothers and sisters..Destiny doesn't mind though she loves it ..

Avery well she is a different story…she would rather just look on and watch then get down from her safe chair….because the puppy cant get her up

Brielle well lets just say she has a love/hate relationship with Skittles…she was the one that really really wanted the puppy..but then she dont want to hold it really or pet it but she wants to play with it…and she was the first one up this morning (at 645 on a saturday morning) and ran right down to see Skittles…and was  all worried about her bc she was crying…

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Holly said...

Cute puppy!! Thanks;)