Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The craziness has hit us again….

This picture pretty much sums up what we have  been doing all week!!! 
DSC_0267 copy
Keeping the rocking chair warm with sick kiddos!!! (don’t mind me…I kind of look like crap in this picture)
On Sunday my babies started running really high fevers…with Tylenol and ibuprofen they stayed around 102..Monday they  were really cranky and clingy and still running high Monday night rolls around and I notice Jianna really kind of breathing funny..more labored/ I start thinking is something going on or is it just bc she is running a high fever bc I know that they breath like that when they have a high fever..They didn’t really want to sleep either..I think I finally went to bed around one..and slept all night..I remember thinking when I woke up that it was really strange that they didn’t wake up anymore after that..well come to find out when my husband came home from work that night  he went straight for the couch and practically passed right out and I asked him why he was so tired..and he said well he had went to bed around 6am and then had to get up and go to work that morning..he said that he stayed up with Jianna all night so I could get some sleep..I was not feeling well either I hade the start of a cough…really???!!  here I thought they slept all night. Aaahhh thanks honey!!!  That was so nice of you!! So anyways when the babies got up that morning I noticed that Jianna was wheezing really bad…so I decided to take them in to the dr..The dr told me that both babies have RSV..great..could it get any worse!!! He said he only heard a little bit of wheezing in Jayla but Jianna he heard a lot..but thought maybe the liquid albuterol would knock it but to keep an eye on it and if it got worse to let him know so we could get a neb and do some breathing treatments on them…So that night after having a few doses of albuterol I was not seeing any improvement….Jianna was actually getting worse so I panicked and went to the ER….I got there at around 10:00 pm and by three in the morning I still had not been seen..I hadn't even got into a room yet..When we got there there were nine people ahead of me and when I left there were still two people ahead of me…there were some kids puking and there were a lot of kids with croup (we’ve been down that road one two many times before I can recognize that cough like the back of my hand) so it looks like next week we will probably have the stomach bug and croup. HA! Nice!!  So I asked the triage nurse to do her stats again and told her I was leaving and would just give the dr a call in the morning..I wasn’t waiting anymore..she said she thought that Jianna would be fine until that’s what I did..I left!  I hate our ER’s down here..they are sooooo bad..I remember once when I was eight months pregnant with Destiny and had an abscess tooth and I basically went into shock bc I was in pain for so long and went to the ER and waited for eight hours just to be seen by the dr.That’s just ridiculous!  So when I got home I was surprised to see Jared up rocking Jayla..apparently she got worse too..and then I went upstairs to check on Avery  bc when I left I thought she felt a little warm and told Jared to keep an eye on her..Of course she was burning up we got them all medicine back up and I think we finally went to bed around 430 to be waken at 645 by my alarm to get my other girls off to school…uurrghhh…
So early this morning I called the dr and he sent in a script for albuterol in the nebulizer for Jayla and Jianna. So we went and got it and  I went and got a nebulizer from a friend and did a treatment right that is where we are at tonight..we have did two treatments today and  I am waiting to do another one before I go to bed that is why I thought I would update you all quick as to what has been going on…Avery is still running a high fever also..and has coughing/a little croupy sounding (but honestly ever since she had that really bad episode of croup every time she gets sick and coughs it always sounds croupy… ) so she will probably need some sort of treatments too…Guess we will see what the night brings and the morning.. That kind of sums it up I think for now… Y’all have a good night!!  Winking smile

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Pam said...

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