Monday, February 28, 2011

We got Hit again!!

I tried and tried to sing Shoo bug don’t bother me, shoo bug don’t bother me, shoo bug don’t bother me..but it didn’t listen ;(  We got hit with the nasty bug ever…the flu (aka…influenza a) !!!! 
I took Avery back to the dr last week bc she was running a fever again and still a little congested so I was thinking that she probably needed another antibiotic to kick it bc the day was her last day of being on the antibiotic…well he says he wants to test for the flu and strep..I'm thinkin well maybe it could be strep but not the flu..but that’s ok test anyway….He comes in the room with that look on his face and I just knew it was the flu…I just looked at him and gave a little chuckle bc of course it’s the flu..I mean come on when are we going to get a break..This mama needs a B.R.E.A.K!!  So in the last month and half we have had the stomach bug, broken leg, colds, RSV with not one but two babies, pneumonia, and now the flu…Really???  Are you serious!!!??? Can you beat that??? HA!  So since I did catch it right away he tells me that we can put her on Tamiflu…but he says there is a shortage of Tamiflu so good luck finding it…HA!! Then proceeds to ask what I want to do with the rest of the kids..bc if you put them on Tamiflu it shortens it and makes it so they aren't as sick..he put it to me like this…If you arent on Tamiflu its pretty much like you got hit by a semi…but if you do get on Tamiflu well then its pretty much like you got hit by a I decided that I would only put the babies on it since they were already run down from the RSV….So once I finally found some place that would fill the Tamiflu it had to be compounded..meaning they had to do it right there in the pharmacy and OF COURSE our insurance wouldn’t cover it….so we ended up paying $60 for each Tamiflu…stupid stupid bug!!!!!  What a load of crap!!! 
Avery got way worse before she even got remotely better..poor thing I felt so bad for her…One morning she woke up and her eyes were kind of sucken I'm thinking wow she looks kind of dehydrated..she goes right to the table climbs up on it and drinks from whoevers glass got left there..and she drank it all..and wanted more so I got her some more water and she drank another full cup..and I asked her if she wanted more again and she did and so I got her more and she drank another full cup…i guess she was pretty dehydrated…
No one else got it though so whew that is such a relief..but I was right behind Avery and everything she touched got cleaned/bleached!!!!  and my kids probably got tired of hearing me tell them to go sanitize your hands bc I told them probably every ten-fifteen we went through the hand sanitizer and the clorox wipes !!!!! 
Well that pretty much sums it up…I did somehow make a few crafty/sewing things but haven't had time to take pictures so hopefully I can get that done and put some of the stuff up that I have been working on…

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Jessi said...

I'm surprised you aren't in a psych ward after all that! I would be! I'm glad yours are feeling better. There's nothing worse than a sick child.