Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update on Avery and the twins

So I ended up taking Avery into the dr on Friday bc she got way worse..She was so lethargic and running a high fever and her breathing was really funny..well anyways after doing some x-rays and then testing for the flu. She tested negative for the flu..whew!!  but she does have a really bad case of bronchitis/borderline pneumonia. When the dr was trying to listen to her lungs he kept telling her to continue to  breath bc she would breathe then pause then breathe then pause..it was very scary I'm really surprised that they didn’t put her in the hospital..but he just put her on some steroids, an antibiotic, and nebulizer treatments… That night lets just say I didn’t get any sleep bc with her sleep apnea and the with her breathing like that ..I basically just hovered over her all night…I tried to get two doses of steroids in her before the end of the night to kick it a little. The next couple of days while she was on the steroids I noticed she was pretty moody and kind of jumpy anyways..I'm just glad to be off of them..

We are all slowly on the mend I think..my babies still have a lot of gunk coming from there noses and still have a cough..and Avery well we are still doing nebulizer treatments bc she is still pretty congested and her cough sounds really gunky…but otherwise she seems to be ok too…Hoping this week is better then last weekSmile

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Clarissa said...

praying your all better soon!