Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day…I sure did!!!  It was filled with love all day! No, I don’t need a day to practice love or feel loved or my kids to feel loved bc I know they feel loved every day but we like to enjoy doing special things on Valentines day!  So here are a few pictures of our fun filled Love daySmile
Jianna, Avery, Jayla
Jianna, Jayla
I made Avery peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches for lunch!!
I made heart sugar cookies with my little love bug too!! She had so much fun and she actually licked the beater afterwards…(that’s huge with her bc she is not a sweet eater) But isn't that the best part of making cookies..
She wanted a non frosted cookie..tried to give her a cookie with frosting and she said “ewe”..
Cookies were ready when Brielle came home from school..nice little treat for her…Destiny didn’t go to school bc she was running a fever..
My girls made me a valentine card too!!! If you are wondering why my name is on one of the cards instead of mom…Well Destiny is practicing her cursive and she wrote me a note on the back of the card that said…”I hope I did the k right in your name..I wanted to write your name in cursive..and p.s. I couldn’t find a valentine color to write in…love, destiny” ha!! Love that girl! 
Avery is lit up like a light bulb bc her daddy loves her and he brought her home this adorable puppy..and she loves it..she kept saying  “mom {pause}  puppy”  and he also brought me some flowers…It sure was nice to get flowers after the week that I had last week…It sure was a great picker upper!!! 
He also got the older girls a valentine puppy pillow pet…He loves all his girls!!! 
I always make a big special meal for my family..I love it and the kids really look forward to it..This year I did a cheese fondue for an appetizer..
We dipped bread cubes, broccoli and cauliflower in it..and the kids all loved it!!!  (except Destiny, she's apparently not a big cheese fan..news alert to me)
For the meal I made hassle back potatoes, and pork medallions and some homemade rolls (these are the best roll recipe that I have found…that are quick and easy),with this awesome fluffy honey butter..pretty close to what they serve at Texas Roadhouse!  So good.. 
For dessert I did chocolate fondue and this is what we dipped in the chocolate..This was a huge hit…They all had a blast dipping it in..Everyone's favorite was the strawberries..mine was the bananas!!