Thursday, February 2, 2012

Avery is NOT going to have her surgery tomorrow

She did it..she did it..she did it!!  Avery did soo great at her MRI today..she started out watching Signing times for the first ten minutes about and then fell asleep after she slept in there is beyond me..there were many times where I jumped a few times…it was so LOUD in there!!  It took forever was 30 minutes per side..she actually moved on one little bit at the beginning but then after she was sleeping he went back over it at the end so it was all good!!!  The tech told me that the dr will call me in a couple of hrs bc he is a big time dr there and he has already told them he wanted the results pretty much as soon as she was done..he says “he's kind of big like that”..haha
So he calls me with in an hour to let me know that her MRI scan was pelvic bone damage..he said that he had been doing A LOT of research on that one surgery that I brought up to him the other day and found a few articles on it.. and has been trying to contact a few  drs up in Boston..Everything that he found about the surgery was only on older kids and not any on Avery's age..but then I did tell him that I talked to a mom where her son was 4.5 when they did the surgery..and he found that very interesting..and so he said he would like more time..he said he doesn’t feel comfortable going ahead with the surgery until he talks with them to see what they would recommend doing too..I told him that I started the process up there with her and that we just needed to send the notes and xray pictures and scan info and if we got it to them by next Wednesday they would get back to us on Thursday. He thought that was GREAT too!!  He said he wished he had more parents like me..So that is where we are at..So I can honestly say I have complete peace about not having the surgery tomorrow!  I got of the phone and just cried..but tears of joy..oh how I wept..I was just so moved by how great our God is!!  He heard and answered all the prayers..Thank you all soo much for the many prayers that you all said for us..Thank you God for putting doubt in the drs head..thank you God for leading me to the right decision..and Thank you God for giving me peace!!  God is soooo good!!


Becky said...

Oh that is so awesome to hear. God is so good. Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you and your family right now.

Priscilla said...

Oh Kristi, I can imagine the relief you feel! We do have a good God who knows our needs, even before we ask! Those doctors names didn't sound like ones Leah has mentioned but I'll be sure to ask her about them. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call! I AM only a street away, lol! Gods peace, Priscilla

Laura said...

Wow! It sounds like Avery's surgeon is really wonderful by taking time to research and by being so honest with you. Although Avery may need surgery in the future, I'm glad that she doesn't have to have it until everyone is sure that it is exactly what she needs.