Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentines Day

Did you all have a good Valentines day??  I hope so..We sure did and you might be in for a picture overload post!!;) Just sayin’
I told Jianna to go sit by Jayla and so she goes and sits on her!
So in comes the briberySmile just a little candy…and they ALWAYS have to check out what the other one has and it has to be the exact SAME thing or they want another one that matches is tough getting two little two year olds to look at me…
Jayla on the left and Jianna on the right
See they have to check each others food out again…
I made the girls heart pb&j for lunch…I think they liked them…hehe!
Found another yummy recipe on pinterest and knew that I had to make them..and just to warn you if you do make these…you will not be able to stop after just one..k I warned you!! :)
The girls after school….
I found this hair heart on pinterest once again…yes I know I am addicted to that!! But anyways I wish I would of taken a picture of it in the morning instead of after school but oh well…The girls said it was a HUGE hit!!!   They were just a tad late for breakfast in the morning bc I had to do this three times…and it did take a little bit of time..but it was ok for one special day…
Avery had the best day too..she came home just talking away oh how I wish I knew what she was saying though…but I am sure it was all about her party..…I can not wait until the day I can hear all about her day..I try to ask her questions and its yes or no..and that’s I guess I will take that right now…She wouldn’t let her bag out of her site…We also made Pioneer Woman’s chocolate cookies when she got home from school..OH MY!! They are sooooo goood!!!! You must make them too!!! But they are a cut out cookie and we made hearts of course!! :)We just frosted them with nutella and that was really good..{forgot to take a picture of the after cookie…}
Daddy came home for flowers for his girls!!! 
and candy of course too..and yeap they have to check each others out..and make sure that they got the same..
The table set for supper…we had ravioli casserole (the kids favorite), caesar salad, and breadsticks.. you can kind of get a idea of the cookies in this picture..oh yeah and the beautiful flowers that Jared brought for me!! 
And for dessert…..the cookies and these cupcakes..I also found them via pinterest…they are suppose to be a more healthy way of making’s a strawberry cake mix with a can of diet red pop..and that is it!! and they were good!!  The frosting…well that was equally good..and that was a container of cool whip…one package of fat free vanilla pudding..and 1 cup of milk..and then food coloring..and it was really yummy too!!
So there you have it..that was our Valentines Day!! 
{Ill be back tomorrow to give u an update on Avery..and to show you what I have been working on…}


Becky said...

What a fun Valentine's day! Love the hairstyle you found...I wish my girls had more hair to do it! Your girls are beautiful...:)

Pam said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!! I just love the hearts in the hair....I'm definately going to have to try making them in Ally's hair!! Jayla and Jianna are getting so big...they are adorable :)