Friday, February 17, 2012

Avery update

So last week we heard back from Boston…and Dr. Kim {the doctor that was on leave..the doctor that created this surgery} looked over all her records and x-rays and feels like that in her case he feels like he needs to see her and not any other dr. So we are going up to Boston on the 27th of this month to see him for a consultation appointment..and then we come back home on the t a very short trip…for an hour appointment…urghh…but oh well I'm just so happy that she is going to be seeing Dr. Kim and not any of the other doctors bc she is getting the best of the best!!  It definitely pays to do research!!!!!!! That’s all I know for right now…will keep you updated after we go to Boston…
Now school update….I had to go meet with her resource teacher and her teacher of the typical k4 class..and they wanted to tell me all the options that I have for next year..Avery is suppose to go into Kindergarten next year but we all agreed that she is not ready for kindergarten next year…she needs another year of k4 to mature a little more and learn more and just get used to school…so now we can stay with what we have..and that is going to a typical classroom in the morning with 25 other kids in her home school..and then she goes over to another school for a dd {developmental delay} class with about 5 other kids..and is there for the rest of the day..she also has resource room in the morning for a half an hour..So do I want to keep the same thing?????  Or I can also put her in a EMD class {special education classroom} for all day. or part of the day.} at another school. I agreed to go and tour the classroom..basically to make them happy and to make them think that I will think about that option..but when they asked me in the meeting right away..what my plans were for Avery??? I said inclusion most of the time..with a possible aide/shadow..and they said that you know that you are in for the fight of your life then????  And I basically said bring it on then….I don’t want to put her in an EMD class bc once when you do that..well you just got yourself another fight for your life…to get her back out of the EMD class and back into a regular classroom..Avery thrives off of the other kids..ex..she seen them writing there name at the beginning of the year..and she wanted to do what they were doing so she started writing her name too..she models kids behavior..good.and.bad. I feel like Avery works really good one on one and her resource teacher also said that too…so I was thinking an aide would keep her on task…help her with things that she needs help with buttoning or snapping her able to communicate with her with .her signs bc she is for the most part non verbal…but I don’t think if we repeat what we are doing this year that she will not need an aide next year… but then you see the other side..she is really behind..and being in the EMD class they would really work with her one on one bc there are only 10 other kids in there and they know how to teach her ..{Jared’s view} so since we really don’t see eye to eye on this I tell him to stay home when we have school meetings. Which stinks bc then I have no one in my corner. 
This school stuff sucks!!!!  Im sorry but it just does. It shouldn’t be a battle over getting her in a regular classroom with an aide..but it is. That’s just the way it is.and it is only going to get worse. I know that. It is so hard to know what decisions you are making if they are the right one. and then throw into the mix of your husband not agreeing with your decision. Well then it gets complicated. I m just keeping it real. It is not all great when raising a child with extra needs..There are many extra challenges that you have to deal with.There are highs and when you have highs they are high..really is GREAT…but then yes there are a lot of lows and when your in that low part .it.really.stinks.!  But Oh how the highs out weigh the lows any day…and every day!
I know there are some other moms out there with kids around the same age as Avery {4.5}that read my blog…what do you do for school?
Well enough about that..on to what I have been working on..I have been trying to be crafty again..We had to switch a couple of rooms so that left me with a toy room to redo and an office/music room..I got them organized which is on my resolution list which is good right;)
So here are a few pictures of the toy room done.. I love is organized and so bright..I first had to repaint the room..we was turquoise blue on one wall and brown in the rest..I debated back and forth if I wanted to go bright and fun or just keep it same as the rest of the house and choose to just repaint it back to what the main color of my other walls in the house are. 
The toy storage set…love them..found at Ikea. I have to make labels still..but added a shelf with a few of the kids pictures..also found at Ikea. my rug..which the picture does not do it is way better in person but it was also found at ikea..I debated between a bright green and this one but I am glad that I went with this color.
See my gray sign back there..I made it..found one like it on pinterest and really like it so I tired to copy it. I used the top of our old toy It was totally free..that makes me like it even more.
I knew I had to find something for the kids bookbags too and I looked and looked and finally agreed to do something like this..I made them..super easy and super cheap and pretty cute I think.. I need to make one more though..but Hobby Lobby didn’t have enough stuff when I got these so I just got enough to make three for now..Do u see the girls bags???? They are made out of duck tape. They made them with there Grandma. and then I added there names with vinyl. Arent they super cute??? I love them….
The other wall in the toy very first wall vinyl that I made and I think I did pretty good. Then I put some fun scrapbook paper in the frames..the thing under the frames is a piece of trim..I have to get some clips for it but then I am going to use it to hang up the kids artwork. seen that idea on pinterest!
So that’s it!!
I also have been sewing again…and it feels good..I love to sew is so therapeutic. So I dug through some of my patterns and made something that I hadnt made yet..a sew resolution I guess for make more things with the patterns that I buy instead of just buying them and then letting them sit on my computer.  So I made this pillowcase romper..I think it turned out pretty stinkin cute if u ask me!!Smile
I told them to give luvs..and this is what they did…
Then the girls started doing ring around the roses on there was so cute…
They are so much fun!!!  I love having twins….Twins have a strong bond like no other..they have so much fun with each other..
I also made a few other things but still have to take I guess that will have to be on another post..Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


Becky said...

I could not relate to you more on the school thing because our girls are the same age. We need to just email or talk because we are both fighting for the same thing...and it does suck.

Love your play room!

Michelle said...

Love the playroom!! So cute! The girls outfits are cute too! Oh to have your energy!! :)

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Laura said...

I need to organize our toy room - thank you for the inspiration:) Please keep us updated on Avery's hips and school. I know I feel sick when there is so much to think about regarding Ben - prayers for peace and guidance being sent your way!