Thursday, February 23, 2012

School Ramblings

So we are approaching Averys annual IEP meeting and that means we need to start thinking about all of her options for next year. She should be starting kindergarten next year but I don’t think she is ready for that so I am hoping that holding her back this next year she will be more mature and ready for kindergarten the next year but that still leaves me with next year.  Do we leave her where she is at?? Which is in our home school in the morning in a typical classroom and then in the afternoon she is in a dd(developmental delay) classroom with 5 other kids and two teachers..or do we put her in a special education classroom in another school that is about 30 minutes from us? So they wanted me to go and tour the spec ed yesterday I went…I was not impressed at all!!!!!!!!  I do not feel like that is the best thing for Avery. This classroom had about 7 other kids in there with two teachers. They were kids of all ages..and all of them except ONE were way older then her. One was in kindergarten this year. which means he prob wouldn’t be next year. So right there makes me not like it. Avery THRIVES off of other kids. Just to give you one example……At the beginning of this year all she could do is write a circle…but she went into her typical classroom and seen other kids writing her name and sure enough she was writing her name BY Christmas time!!!!  bc she was modeling there behavior. She would only get to be with the regular classroom if she went to the special education for art, library, pe, and music. Im sorry but that is not enough for me! That is not enough for her to have the socialization that she needs..that is not enough of her to see them modeling academic wise…Is she behind though??? Yes I know she is and needs a lot of one on one time but I guess that is where I will come in and I am going to bust my butt off and work with her…But it is a special education room and the teacher knows how to teacher her…right??? I am sure you are saying that to yourself..well not necessarily..I asked that teacher how they were going to teach Avery….what they were going to use…I said kids with DS need to be taught differently…for example when it comes to reading..they learn by sight words and not by phonics. So I asked her how they were going to teach her to read..and she said that they use phonics in she really don’t know how to teach my child any different…I am pretty tempted to just pull her out and homeschool her just so I don’t have to deal with this school CRAP!!!!  Bc really that is what this is…its crap…If you talk to all moms that have a child with ds that goes to school we all have one thing in common….WE ALL HAVE HAD SOME SORT OF SCHOOL ISSUE!!!  Why does it have to be that way??? Why is everyone sooo stuck on what they did in the past and not looking forward to making a change for the better for the future.. WE have come along way and we have a lot more to go….Check this video out…it makes my heart smile….If given the right chances they can do soooo much….they just need to be givin the opportunity!!

So right now I am in the process of reading up on as much inclusion as I can…and I am going to find as much information on how they learn…so I can start to teach her at home too!! IF I have to I will homeschool her and just take her to school for the socialization part…there is actually a kid that does that in our school..He is a fifth or sixth grader….he has DS and his mom has home schooled him since he was little but he has started going to the school for half the day I think probably for the socialization and all the kids just love him…I might need to look that mom up and give her a call!!  Inclusion is soooo important for all the other kids really is a win win situation!
Avery is LOVED at the school…Everyone knows Avery and they all love her..teachers. kids. older kids..younger kids. Just the other day when I was dropping them off a older kid opened up the door at the drop of line and said Hi Avery…and Avery gives her a big huge..and later that day I asked the girls who that girl was and they said that they didn’t know…and I said well she knew Avery..and they both go..oh well EVERYONE knows Avery…lol!!  I wonder how my shy girls like that….lol!!
Yesterday I went to bed with a migraine..I cant imagine why…I hate this stuff and it sucks that I have to do all this extra research and reading on laws. just so my kid can have a fair education. But I will give them the fight of there lives. I hope they are ready..bc this mama is not backing down!
As I was getting ready the other day I was thinking about how Avery is almost five..I cant believe it… can it be?? I started thinking about what other “typical” kids her age would be doing…and it hit me…She is way behind in some areas..ex…Other “typical” kids would be starting to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels..and Avery well she is still learning HOW to ride a bike with training wheels..she cant figure out the pedals for the life of her..every now and I again I get hit..and have a little pity party…ive convinced myself that it is ok though..and it is normal…and then I think about that sweet little girl that God has blessed us with and she doesn’t care if she can pedal that bike or not…she just moves on to something else she can do…she doesn’t let it define who she is..she doesn’t let it stop her from just being a kid….and I know Avery will do things on her own time.
WEll I know this post is all over the place..but I guess that is where I am at right head is just spinning with everything…

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Becky said...

Oh you know I understand. Homeschooling is something I will definitely consider too if I do not like the options the school has. Avery has a right to a quality education...and this is the fight now. Hang in are a great mom. I know what those headaches feel like!