Saturday, November 29, 2008

Avery almost walking

Here's a video of Avery taking a couple of steps....The past couple of days Avery has been getting braver and braver!! She first started to stand up all the way from sitting from the middle of the floor without using anything on Thanksgiving..then the past couple of days she decided to add a couple of steps..She gets so excited..and when she falls down she says "bump". She is also signing "eat" at the end but she was suppose to be doing "more"..she gets confused sometimes bc usually when we say "more" its always right before "more to eat"..She is doing really good with signs..she can do mama now ( i taught her that bc she stopped saying mama instead she says baba) she can also do bath too..she loves baths!! Anyways maybe within a couple of weeks you'll be seeing a video of her walking all over the place:D


Debbie said...

That's awesome! I forgot to answer you and tell you that Kolby doesn't mind the PT at all. I think he likes having all the attention;). We've decided our goal is to have him sitting up by New Years!

Anonymous said...

She is a bucket of cuteness!

Michelle said...

Good Job Avery! That is so cute!