Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophie's Angels

We had our church Christmas bazaar this last weekend and Katie Rajala and there family were selling Sophie's Angels Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser for there adoption of Sophie. Well just wanted to let you all know and she is still selling them. Hopefully soon she will have her own blog set up but not sure when..I need to help her do that:))
I had to get three for each of my girls(hey there is a story behind the ornament, and i always get them a ornament each year anyways). Destiny was so sweet..She was at the bazaar with me and i was trying to explain Sophie's story to her..
Destiny asks "Why doesn't she have a mom and dad, mom"
The things kids have got to ask and we have to explain..I tell ya..whew its tough being a parent..but i think i did a good job. She was happy with my explanation.
Destiny says "Mom that is sad..we need to help her so she can have a mom and dad soon" I get teary eye all over again if only it was that easy..

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Michelle said...

That is so sweet! The ornaments are cute and such a good idea.