Friday, November 7, 2008

Avery's swallow study

Well we went today for Avery's swallow study. It was pretty intertesting to say the least. They wanted me to bring Avery tired bc then her muscles dont work as good. They also wanted me to bring her hungry so she would drink/eat the stuff. Well i brought her good and cranky:)) So anyways everything that they had her try had the barrium in it. The food and the liquid. But for the most part everything looked good. She wasnt asperating when she was drinking liquids. She showed some signs of choking on the liquids when she drank them from a straw. Mainly bc she dont know to stop when drinking from a straw and gets to much and then starts coughing or choking on the liquid. When she drank the liquid from her sippy cup she did better. She didnt choke. So we are just going to stick with the sippy cup for now and no straws and I dont have to thicken her liquids anymore!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really excited about that if you can't tell.. The other thing is that the dr. did see acid refulx and gurgling away basically in there..he wasnt suppose tobe looking for that but he just stated the obvious i guess. So that might lead us on another trail with the dr. We will have to see. I am a little worried that they are going to want to put her on reglan. I had been giving that prescription before but i never filled it up bc i read TOO MANY horror stories. THe side effects are really promising.. They have alot of side i am back to waying my options. What do i do??? Well that is the jiff of it but I had a hard time listening to them bc Avery was not really cooperating with them or me so as they are trying to talk to me I am trying to take care of a cranky/hungry baby. But they are suppose to get me the report and some pictures of the study so will let you know more if there is any more to know.
p.s. i need to feed her barrium more often it makes her go poop right away:))) Never would have ot worry about constipation.

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Debbie said...

That pretty interesting how they do swallow studies. I like medical stuff:)