Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love FALL!!!

This past weekend we went up to Caesar's Head to look at and admire all the trees.. According to the girls we were on top of the tallest mountain ever.. The actual elevation is 3266ft. So anyways you'll never guess what happen to me..I was really looking forward to going to the top of the mountain and play with my camera and hopefully get some pretty cool shots. Well we stop off at Bald Rock which is this rock that you can walk down or fall down and get killed literally..It is this really steep, steep rock. It is kind of hard to explain and i wish I had the pictures to show but I go to take my first picture and my battery's dead.. You have got to be kidding me..Aaarrgghhh!!! Well luckily my wonderful daughter Destiny brought her camera so we used hers..But after a few pictures her battery went dead..well i almost gave up but then my other wonderful daughter Brielle brought her kiddie camera (my kids like to take pictures too:))so we have a have way faded picture that she took and it didn't really turn out. Well we get back in the van and head up to Caesars Head and I realize my hubby brought our old camera..YES!! I am in luck. So I use his camera to grab a few shots of our trip to the tallest mountain:)) By the way on the way home I was checking out Destiny's pictures on her camera and I accidentally deleted all of her pictures so we got none from the cool bald rock..sorry:( I also had a very upset daughter:(

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Michelle said...

LOL! Are you guys a little camera crazy perhaps?? :)